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your home in paradise

Here at our retreat on Koh Phangan, we are relatively unconventional, easy going, open-minded and considerate of people and nature. Here, we are free to accept the differences between all and aspire to understand why we are different, and how we can achieve a more harmonious existence of communal interaction.

I open the doors of my abode to people who have an understanding and acceptance of how life is and who can share the space without creating a vortex of disturbance. I want others to benefit from the experience of being here, to absorb and enjoy the energies and life forces that manifest on this island.

The House

from £60 / night

The Sala

From £35 / Night

The Bungalow

From £40 / Night


I invite you to stay in my accommodation for as long as you choose to, with the freedom and option to take in the different experiences of staying in the Bungalow, the House or the Sala, each one unique in their own way.


Spacious and Peaceful


* Minimum 3 nights stay. £320 / week / room or £600 / week for the whole house.

2 Ensuite Double Bedrooms
Living Area
Fully Stocked Kitchen (incl. Oven)
Traditional Thai-Style 2-Storey with a Moat
A/C & Fan Cooling
2 Large Balconies at Front and Rear
Hammocks & Thai Cushions
Communal Plunge Pool


Traditonal and Quiet

Double Bed Studio
Beautiful Outdoor Indonesian-Style Bathroom
Traditional Style with Thai Coconut Wood
Fridge, Tea & Coffee Facilities
Double Fan Cooling
Hammocks & Thai Cushions
Communal Plunge Pool


Cool and Zen

Double Bed Studio
Traditional Thai-Style with a Moat
Sliding doors for Open-Air Living
Fridge, Tea & Coffee Facilities
Double Fan Cooling
Separate Garden-Style Private Bathroom
Hammocks & Thai Cushions
Communal Plunge Pool

Yoga & SpiritualITy

I am here to enable you to explore the wide variety of Yoga practices on the island before you commit to a program you might not know so much about. Presentation can be deceptive, and finding yourself on a two-week retreat that is not advancing you can be frustrating. Whether you are looking for the right center to expand your knowledge and practice, private classes in the comfort of your own home, or to teach your own skills to others, I can assist you further. 

marc dieux cushions

Our Custom-Made Meditation Cushions are great for your back. Made with top-quality materials, they each come with a speciality mat which doubles as a carrying case, perfect to take with you anywhere, whether the beach or the top of a mountain.  

"A mix of philosophy, science and mathematics which uses the power of reason to develop an understanding of self, mind, body, spirit and soul."

Koh Phangan

In the last 20 years, Koh Phangan has moved from the 19th century quickly into the 21st century with its accompanying benefits and drawbacks. Although it is world-famous for its monthly full moon party which draws hundreds and thousands of revelers, it has been through a massive shift in recent years and is now a well-known health and wellness destination, with its plethora of spiritual retreats offering all kinds of activities for everyone from the curious to experts seeking to gain qualifications. Of course, it is hard to ignore the natural beauty; much of the island is made up of lush green forests coating its mountains, and paradisiacal, palm-fringed beaches.