MINDISM an overview


Making Mind Matter
Bringing Mind back into the conversation and producing a single unifying explanation of existence, how it manifests and why we experience it……
This work is an attempt to get the reader to consider in greater depth that we exist within two realms of existence, Mind and Matter. Our mind is mental, and our body is physical. This work also outlines quite feasible scenarios enabling DNA to be engineered by intelligence inherent in Mind maybe 3 billion years ago or so. Also, for single cells to have manifested as a direct result of physical matter interacting with other physical matter, governed by the Laws of Physics, it is worth at least some consideration that there is not only intelligent design but also a purpose and reason for the apparent evolutionary development that ensued. All physical interaction is measurable and is by definition, dimensional. Information/energy cannot be directly measured, it has to interact with something physical in order for it to be quantified and labelled, [e.g. Kinetic energy, temperature, pressure]. Physical interaction occurs in Spacetime and ‘takes time’… Mental interaction is outside Spacetime and is instant. If you are shown a photo of when you were younger, the information in the picture takes your memory straight to that point in time without needing to scroll through all the previous years of data collection.
So, in this work you will be presented with a rational explanation of abiogenesis, i.e. how life began, and also an explanation of what life is…… [what is life? ultimately, for us humans, it mainly comes down to matters of definition because we use words to communicate and facilitate our understanding of the world.]
Also there is an outline of Leibnitz’s Monadic Theory, Leibnitz, like Tesla and many others, was way ahead of his time and his monadic theory enables most information that ‘science’ proffers, to fit within that theory. Part 2 of the work presents simple mathematical data that makes it plain to see that Leibnitz was almost certainly correct in his reasoning.
So why has no one else put forward this grand unified explanation of everything? Well, you would need to have encountered The Works of Viktor Schauberger, combined them with Euler’s Formula and Leibnitz’s Monadic Theory whilst at the same time running them in parallel with an understanding of genetics, molecular and cell biology. All that information and more, ‘viewed’ within a rational philosophical framework, when processed with the intention of producing coherent, concordant explanations, facilitate clarity. Clarity is what the ‘mind’s eye’ requires to produce ‘understanding’…. Understanding enables the mind to progress towards the next level. Sufficient understanding enables the mind to ‘reach’ the next level.
I listen to and read a lot of eminent people discussing behavior, brain and life processes, for some reason they are almost embarrassed to use the word ‘mind’ and yet it is usually the most appropriate term. We have had it drummed into us that intelligence is within the brain, and yet it is demonstrated time and again that single cell organisms display intelligent behavior. We have also been indoctrinated to use the term ‘mind’, as little as possible. Until the arrival of the 20th century, psychology was the study of Mind and Soul.
This work explains why it is inappropriate to consider intelligence to be located within the brain. If the brain is dimensional and mind is its corresponding non dimensional form, then understanding behavior
becomes somewhat easier. Despite the phenomenally complex levels of information exchange and decision making processes involved, recognizing the phenomenal intelligence that has evolved within Mind makes it easier to visualize how this super/hyper complex decision making process evolved and why we have become so nonchalant within our own personal little bubble of perception.
In truth, Mind is far more layered and complex a concept than just being a mental aspect of the brain. The more one contemplates the existence of Mind the more necessary it really is to have a conventionally accepted range of terms to define various aspects of this all-encompassing form of existence. This work is designed to enable people to open discussion and facilitate our understanding of the world we experience.
If you want to maintain a belief that intelligence and mind is inherent within the brain and the present convention is most correct, then don’t read this book.
The physical bodies of animals including primates and other mammals have sense organs that collect information from their immediate environment which enables the individual to navigate through that environment and interact with it accordingly.
Survival within that environment is probably the main reason for these senses to have evolved, sound, vision and for many species, smell, are most helpful in determining potential dangers and sources of food. Taste and touch are also important sources of information that is sent to the brain for processing. The major senses detect information from the external environment, we also have senses that collect information from the internal physical environment of the body, such as temperature, blood pressure, stretch receptors and pH regulation.
We detect, light and movement, sounds, molecules in the air, wind, rain, temperature and other natural effects that the environment produces. The specialized receptors that have evolved to collect the information and send it to the brain, have evolved because the information was already out there. The senses developed as a response to the information in the environment so that the organism could collect more information and enable its chances of survival to increase. The information was out there billions of years ago before any life forms appeared on this planet, it did not become information subsequent to lifeforms appearing on the planet.
Generally, one can consider that information is synonymous with energy. Energy exists as waveform frequencies, information interacts in the same way as energy does, i.e. dialectically. Two things coming together to produce an outcome. A + B = C, maybe A and B do not interact, in which case A +B = A + B, maybe A + B combine to form a single entity, C or maybe A + B combine to produce two or more products, in which case C is actually more than a single entity.
This is the basis of how energy and information interact. It is also, as I understand it, the basic working of Mind and all mental and physical processes. A, B and C can easily be represented as numbers. Hence Pythagoras’s statement that ‘all things are numbers’… and mathematics is the ‘language of the universe’.
Plato, amongst others, stated that there is another realm of existence that is not physical, this was taken further by Leibnitz, who proposed a system of existence that incorporated both realms of existence, i.e. physical and mental, and attempted to prove this mathematically. However, despite his genius enabling
calculus to be revealed, it would take further development of his mathematical accomplishments to produce quantum physics, which makes it apparent that there are indeed two realms of existence and living organisms experience both of them.
There is a physical realm of matter, ‘solid bodies’, it is the dimensional world of Spacetime that our senses perceive. There is also a mental realm of waveform frequencies that is outside Spacetime, a non-dimensional realm outside Spacetime and beyond comprehension, beyond our everyday ability to consider its existence to be real. However, mathematics is the language of Absolute Truth, and we have to rationally concede that the amount of information that we can collect using sophisticated technology, overwhelmingly demonstrates that there is far more to life than meets the eye.