MINDISM a Synopsis

Bringing Mind back into the conversation and producing a single unifying explanation of existence, how it manifests and why we experience it……
The physical bodies of animals including primates and other mammals have sense organs that collect information from their immediate environment which enables the individual to navigate through that environment and interact with it accordingly.
Survival within that environment is probably the main reason for these senses to have evolved, sound, vision and for many species, smell, are most helpful in determining potential dangers and sources of food. Taste and touch are also important sources of information that is sent to the brain for processing. The major senses detect information from the external environment, we also have senses that collect information from the internal physical environment of the body, such as temperature, blood pressure, stretch receptors and pH regulation.
We detect, light and movement, sounds, molecules in the air, wind, rain, temperature and other natural effects that the environment produces. The specialised receptors that have evolved to collect the information and send it to the brain, have evolved because the information was already out there. The senses developed as a response to the information in the environment so that the organism could collect more information and enable its chances of survival to increase. The information was out there billions of years ago before any life forms appeared on this planet, it did not become information subsequent to lifeforms appearing on the planet.
Generally, one can consider that information is synonymous with energy. Energy exists as waveform frequencies, information interacts in the same way as energy does, ie. dialectically. Two things coming together to produce an outcome. A + B = C, maybe A and B do not interact, in which case A +B = A + B, maybe A + B combine to form a single entity, C or maybe A + B combine to produce two or more products, in which case C is actually more than a single entity.
This is the basis of how energy and information interact. It is also, as I understand it, the basic working of Mind and all mental and physical processes. A, B and C can easily be represented as numbers. Hence Pythagoras’s statement that ‘all things are numbers’… and mathematics is the ‘language of the universe’.
Plato, amongst others, stated that there is another realm of existence that is not physical, this was taken further by Leibnitz, who proposed a system of existence that incorporated both realms of existence, ie. physical and mental, and attempted to prove this mathematically. However, despite his genius enabling calculus to be revealed, it would take further development of his mathematical accomplishments to produce quantum physics, which makes it apparent that there are indeed two realms of existence and living organisms experience both of them.
There is a physical realm of matter, ‘solid bodies’, it is the dimensional world of SpaceTime that our senses perceive. There is also a mental realm of waveform frequencies that is outside SpaceTime, a non
dimensional realm outside SpaceTime and beyond comprehension, beyond our everyday ability to consider its existence to be real. However, mathematics is the language of AbsoluteTruth, and we have to rationally concede that the amount of information that we can collect using sophisticated technology, overwhelmingly demonstrates that there is far more to life than meets the eye.
We can only rationalize the existence of the non dimensional realm because it is avoided by the educational curriculum because it challenges conventional religious beliefs. Consequently, something that we should be incorporating into our understanding and worldview, is missing.
This work is an attempt to get the reader to consider in greater depth that we exist within two realms of existence, Mind and Matter. Our mind is mental, and our body is physical. This work also outlines quite feasible scenarios enabling DNA to be engineered by intelligence inherent in Mind maybe 3 billion years ago or so. It also presents and explanation of how single cells manifested, a direct result of physical matter interacting with other physical matter, governed by the Laws of Physics and monitored and manipulated by Mind. It is worth at least some consideration that there is not only intelligent design but also a purpose and reason for the apparent evolutionary development that ensued. All physical interaction is measurable and is by definition, dimensional. Information/energy cannot be directly measured, it has to interact with something physical in order for it to be quantified and labelled, [eg. Kinetic energy, temperature, pressure]. Physical interaction occurs in SpaceTime and ‘takes time’… Mental interaction is outside Spacetime and is instant. If you are shown a photo of when you were younger, the information in the picture takes your memory straight to that point in time without needing to scroll through all the previous years of data collection.
So, in this work you will be presented with a rational explanation of abiogenesis, ie. how life began, and also an explanation of what life is…… [ultimately, for us humans, it mainly comes down to matters of definition because we use words to communicate and facilitate our understanding of the world.]
Also there is an outline of Leibnitz’s Monadic Theory, Leibnitz, like Tesla and many others, was way ahead of his time and his monadic theory enables most information that ‘science’ proffers, to fit within that theory. Part 2 of the work presents simple mathematical data that makes it plain to see that Leibnitz was almost certainly correct in his reasoning.
So why has no one else put forward this grand unified explanation of everything? Well, you would need to have encountered The Works of Viktor Schauberger, combined them with Euler’s Formula and Leibnitz’s Monadic Theory whilst at the same time running them in parallel with an understanding of genetics, molecular and cell biology. All that information and more, ‘viewed’ within a rational philosophical framework, when processed with the intention of producing coherent, concordant explanations, facilitate clarity. Clarity is what the ‘mind’s eye’ requires to produce ‘understanding’…. Understanding enables the mind to progress towards the next level. Sufficient understanding enables the mind to ‘reach’ the next level.
I listen to and read a lot of eminent people discussing behaviour, brain and life processes, for some reason they are almost embarrassed to use the word ‘mind’ and yet it is usually the most appropriate term. We have had it drummed into us that intelligence is within the brain, and yet it is demonstrated time and again that single cell organisms display intelligent behaviour. We have also been indoctrinated to use the term ‘mind’, as little as possible. Until the arrival of the 20th century, psychology was the study of Mind and Soul.
This work explains why it is inappropriate to consider intelligence to be located within the brain. If the brain is dimensional and mind is its corresponding non dimensional form, then understanding behaviour becomes somewhat easier. Despite the phenomenally complex levels of information exchange and decision making processes involved, recognizing the phenomenal intelligence that has evolved within Mind makes it easier to visualize how this super/hyper complex decision making process evolved and why we have become so nonchalant within our own personal little bubble of perception.
In truth, Mind is far more layered and complex a concept than just being a mental aspect of the brain. The more one contemplates the existence of Mind the more necessary it really is to have a conventionally accepted range of terms to define various aspects of this all encompassing form of existence. This work is designed to enable people to open discussion and facilitate our understanding of the world we experience.
If you want to maintain a belief that intelligence and mind is inherent within the brain and the present convention is most correct, then don’t read this book.
This work is not an opinion.
It is the culmination of decades of study and analysis of information collected from books, documentaries, interviews, talks, scientific journals. It takes the hypotheses and conclusions of great Minds like Plato, Pythagorus, Leibnitz, Euler and Schauberger and applies current scientific theories to these great ideas to produce what is hopefully a useful tool for many folk to use to further their understanding of Life, Self and Everything…..
A fair amount of information from the Internet, which I use for cross reference and verification, has also been incorporated into this work.
I have learnt to reject belief (see section on belief systems) and have found that slowly, a form of intuitive understanding has developed as the amount of information acquired enhances clarity and enables the rational mind to become more efficient in data processing.
This work is intended to bring Mind back into the language of understanding…. It has been replaced by the word ‘brain’ which indoctrinates and creates a paradigm and mindset that restricts our ability and limits our chances of being able to develop clarity so that a true picture of reality can develop. And of course, it will develop in the mind, not the brain… intelligence predates brains… single cell organisms behave in a highly intelligent and organized manner and yet they have no brain…. this work explains how this can be… and it is mind, that determines everything…
Mind has various layers and aspects to its total existence. There are individual minds and there is a collective too… it manifests in various forms which are all, ultimately aspects of total existence…
This work attempts to explain, in a regular step by step, and also in a somewhat disjointed manner, how it all fits together.
There are only two dimensions, one is Dimensional Realm of SpaceTime and the other is the Non Dimensional Mental Realm of Waveform Frequencies which are themselves emanations from Plenum that is The Monadic Soul Collective.
Dimensional SpaceTime can be represented graphically using the x, y and z axis. Positive numbers represent Space, and eg, we use that facility for locating places using GPS coordinates. Negative numbers represent Time, hence the square root of -1 [i, The Imaginary Number], is so important in so many mathematical calculations. The square root of minus numbers, when combined with whole numbers, are called ‘Complex Numbers’. They relate to Time, which is itself a linear measurement of movement through space. Complex numbers are a part of Complex Geometry…and here I start to lose the full understanding of the concepts involved…
Complex Geometry was spun into ‘sacred geometry’, for me, that is a bullshit term of no real meaning…we are presented with many of them nowadays… here we enter the world of politics and more… and we are not going in that direction with this work…so.. back to reality….
Read on…
A theoretical explanation of mind and its structure.
The concept of Mind was forced out of the realm of science by the introduction and development of scientific materialism which was gaining momentum from at least the early nineteenth century. In the 1870’s a significant move was made to expedite this alteration of perspective and cloud understanding.
In 1873 one of Britain’s greatest scientists, William Crookes performed repeatable experiments demonstrating the continuity of life after death. The following year, a French Nobel scientist stated that he could confirm the authenticity of this claim, he was pioneering the definition of terms in the field of Metaphysics. Up until that point in time, psychology was defined as the study of Mind and Soul. The following year 1875, a German psychologist, Wilhelm Wundt, stated that we are flesh and blood and that when we die, that is that, nothing else happens. The Rockerfeller Foundation supported Wundt financially to the tune of 25 million dollars until the end of the century. Students from America were sent to study under his guidance, returning to preach his gospel. This extended to Europe and the paradigm shift was completed with the publication of the First American Journal of Psychology in 1917. One of Wundt’s earliest students was Pavlov, made famous for his experiments on dogs and the concept of Operant Conditioning. Behaviour control using drugs as the prime treatment for abnormal mental states was introduced.
Subsequent to Crookes’s experiments, a law was passed in England making it illegal to talk about them. Crookes was also working on the development of the cathode ray tube (as found until relatively recently in all televisions). His intention was to use electrons to project images of spirits onto a screen. Subsequently he went on to become Sir William Crookes, and by 1899, he was head of the
prodigious and esteemed Royal Society. He is stated to be one of Britain’s greatest geniuses.
The beginning of the 20th century saw scientific materialism in full swing and Mind went down the plug hole with the bath water. Repeatedly through history it has been stated that if you tell a lie often enough it will become the truth. There is no organ in the body for detecting Truth, Conscious Self is dependent on the information presented to it, in order to verify its authenticity it depends on previous information and its source. If the source is presented as a most eminent and unquestioning authority then the individual will most likely accept that information to be true.
This basic fact has been used to manipulate knowledge and consciousness for thousands of years. The process of informing and introducing new information, (sometimes referred to as education) determines what people can know and understand. Until the introduction of the Internet, we were all at the effect of this limiting process. Where you were born and into which family would generally determine your future understanding and experience. The concept of ‘bread and circus’ dates back at least two thousand years and was documented by the Romans. Give the people food and entertainment and they will almost all, accept anything they are told.
The SoulMind requires accurate information to facilitate its journey. Inaccurate information restricts development of mind and sometimes body, arrested and dysfunctional development manifests and the individual suffers accordingly. The more inaccurate and imbalanced the information flow, the more dysfunctional the behaviour of Mind with accompanying impairment of understanding. Functional, healthy development, both physical and mental starts in the womb, impairment at any stage will affect subsequent development. Malnutrition, physical damage and the interruption of the natural developmental phases of brain development in the infant and child will manifest mental aberrations
accordingly. Cognitive skills become arrested and dysfunction, either mild or severe, will develop in time.
So, we can only fully develop an understanding of our environment and the world around it by having an input of accurate information and an ability to process it in a mental environment that is able to cope with, learn and respond efficiently to the input. Stress, distress, emotional turmoil and discord of any kind will impair this natural process of mental activity and development. A loving, caring, warm supportive environment enables the mind of the child to develop in leaps and bounds and realising the mind’s potential is facilitated. Learning never stops, adolescence is a turbulent time for most and mental development at this stage of growth also needs to be as balanced as possible. Incorrect information introduced earlier in life will disaffect accordingly. Control the information flow and look what society can produce today. More than one hundred trillion cells all containing an identical content of XX or XY chromosomes with allegedly 6,500 associated molecular behavioural differences, and apparently your daughter is in fact your son.
Seeing is believing we were told. Believing is deceiving. One has to rationalise truth. Definition of terminology is paramount, it defines our understanding and enables clarity to manifest…..ill definition and misinformation confuses us immensely. I write to be understood, different minds have different levels of understanding. The ability to understand is dictated by three factors, our genetics, our environment and our SoulMind.
That is all we are….a physical body whose structure is determined by our genetic complement interacting with its environment, directed and controlled by the SoulMind.
This dictates embryonical and foetal development from conception. A phenomenally complex sequence of events, programmes that have been slowly developed over billenia, from the advent of the first communications between minds in the mental non dimensional realm outside spacetime and physical molecular structures in the
material dimensional realm of spacetime. The evolution and development of the single cell and its organelles with an accompanying mental development, ie. the evolution of awareness of internal and external environment and the interplay of affect and effect. From prokaryotes to eukaryotes, from single cell organisms to multicellular organisms. Differentiation and the development of individual organs within the organism with accompanying mental development and complexity. The evolution of control and communication within the single cell. The evolution of control and communication within the multicellular organism (both physical and mental). The evolution of control and communication, between multicellular organisms (both physical and mental). The journey of the Soul and the Mind it contains. From alpha to omega, from Totally Unconscious to Fully Conscious, from ignorance to divinity, from being nothing to becoming a god, from zero to infinity.
We are not what words attempt to define us as, we are only human by definition, we are all extensions of SoulMind experiencing a physical existence. Life manifested from existence, according to Liebnitz (and the rational mind), there are First Causes, Existants…. That word sounds like existence…. According to Hindu lore, Om was the first Sound…. A vibration that sounds like existence… The ‘voice’ of an Existant?
Within all religions and belief systems there are Elements of Truth. The dimensional realm is composed of physical elements, the mental realm is composed of elemental [mathematical] Truths. Mathematical Truths are wave form frequencies which, undergo a process of continuous interaction that become unimaginably complex. The physical realm is relative and contingent, the mental realm is Absolute.
The future exists to enable the ‘scientific’ mind to prove its own existence, to deny the existence of mind is not healthy, it’s not rational…. I think therefore I am….. (Should that read, I think therefore I exist, ?).
Thinking is the continuous flow of information interacting with information that constitutes an aspect of mind. Thinking is a manifestation of intelligence, and intelligence is a manifestation of thinking. Awareness precedes consciousness, the physical realm manifested from a Singularity, everything is linear but can also be represented by the circle and the symbol of infinity.
The symbol of the dot within a circle represents both the infinite circle and the circle of infinity, at the same time. An aeon is the time it takes from the beginning of time, the Big Bang, until the end of time, the Big Crunch. It represents ‘good infinity’, the Phoenix rises from the ashes, a new cycle of ‘good infinity’ occurs….. A Big Bang, a new aeon, life will manifest, again time will end with the actualisation of all individual Soulminds having achieved ‘Godhead’. All Soulminds fully illuminated, The Mind of God will manifest because all energy/information has returned to the mental realm. A Big Crunch occurs, a new cycle of ‘good infinity’ occurs….. And so on and so on ………and now you can understand what ‘bad infinity’ is…… It is the definition of ‘Forever’.
Existence is the constant interplay between dimensional and non dimensional informational energy. . All information is energy and all energy is information. Information exists, it is the product/life force of an Existant, a Soul. Interacting information manifests a Mind from within a Soul. The SoulMind. All definition is human and my Mind in all its levels/layers from Soul to Conscious Self, defines Existence as manifesting from Existants, of which my Soul is one.
A soul is a singularity. The supersingularity represents all souls. They are non dimensional. The supersingularity is ‘The Singularity’ that manifests the physical realm…dimensional reality beyond how we humans perceive it.
And so I make an attempt to begin to explain the super inherent complexity of mental processes. More time, consideration and
thought is necessary along with a conventionally accepted definition of terms. Greater minds than mine are required for this. Eskimos have more than 20 words describing snow…let’s have a few more words describing Mind and its mental attributes.
Mind has no physical attributes, nothing solid, nothing relatively solid and its structure is a structure of form not shape. It has evolved and ‘grown’ over time and consequently understanding its activity requires a basic understanding of evolutionary anatomy and physiology coupled with the genetic processes that correspond to the manifestation of this physical evolutionary development.
For example, in humans certain anatomical neuronal pathways in the brain demonstrate this evolutionary aspect. The hypothalamus is one of the most important regions of our lower ‘reptilian’ brain. Neural pathways to it should be as direct as and short as possible. It takes time for information to flow along axons that connect one neuron to another. Time is survival. However, in the Limbic system, the part of the brain that deals with emotional stuff, some neuronal pathways seem ridiculously long. Why? Because they appeared much later in evolutionary development. Consequently they had to route around already existing structures. To put it another way, if you plan to build a new road to connect area A with area M in an already built up city, you cannot just bulldoze all the existing structures between them just to produce the shortest distance needed to be travelled between the two points, a careful consideration of design and planning is necessary, and a circuitous route with be built. The same occurs in the brain and lesser extent in the body. Understanding the evolutionary processes helps understand mental processes, bear in mind that each part of the physical body has a corresponding mental body. As above so below. The homunculus is a term referring to a physical mapping of our body and can be found in various physical structures of it, for example, the foot, the eye and the ear have the full bodymap in their structure.
What this tells us is that mind has evolved in concert with body. Consideration of mind being the realm of mental processing of information and decision making, facilitates an understanding of mental conflict within human mind and behaviour.
A collection of neurons all programmed to behave in a specific way will make the same decisions when processing incoming information relayed to them by their dendritic connections to other neurons. Primary input is from sensory neurons either in the brain monitoring physiological status such as hormone levels, or located in the body such as vision, sound and temperature. These groups of neurons are likely to have been, back in the day, a single neuron performing a similar but more simple task.
What are we certain of about mind? What do we know for sure? Very little. We have to marry this with what we experience as human beings.
Consider a SoulMind that is connected to an individual physical body. It controls the physical body using Will, a mental force that determines physical responses with the cell body and subsequently the physical multicellular body. That this process occurs is already due to billions of years of mental evolution and development. The mind that is evolving is a mental product of the Soul’s inherent activity. It has a place where it stores memories. It has nondimensional existence. The physical body that it is connected to, lives and dies, the SoulMind is a constant, and free from its previous incarnation, it now seeks another one to continue its learning journey… The mental projection of SoulMind that back in the day would pre-exist but also manifest SpiritMind (see below) has continuous existence. If the species were to be wiped out by environmental factors, what would happen to these Soulminds with their mental projections of existential existence? Conjecture… Some reconsider and manage to connect with other Soulminds, share information and generate new species accordingly, others reconsider and attempt to use other physical bodies for their experiences of the
dimensional realm. This is a feasible explanation for the manifestation of non dimensional interference in the dimensional realm. Daemons, genies etc… Many Islamic scientists today consider the involvement of Jinis in physical stuff, it should not be outrightly rejected, the more open the mind, the more the consideration of the unconventional.
A collection of cells in the brain that work together in concert and combine their activities, are referred to as nuclei. If you want to move one finger, first a group of nuclei in the brain tells all fingers to move. It is an early established evolutionary pathway. Then another more recent bunch of nuclei inhibit the movement of the four digits you don’t want to move. Parts of the brain produce conflicting messages. Consequently, so does the mind. As a representation of mental processes, there is mental conflict. They could be considered to be subminds, having an existence of their own and also sometimes needing to work with other subminds in the same body to ensure its survival. For physical movements, this is relatively basic. For more complex activities and behaviours, this conflicting aspect of mental modelling can give rise to a whole range of mental dysfunctions. Our brain, particularly the frontal cortex, is at the effect of just how many different subminds attempting to assert their ‘ideas’?…ie basic actions they have been programmed to perform. One could consider Will to be a ‘Sufficient Force of Intention’ that crosses the threshold level necessary to manifest either awareness of potential intention and/or a physical response. A submind attempting to assert its ‘idea’ into conscious self and transform it into a behaviour response is ‘willing it’ to occur. Subminds create mental conflict within the subconscious mind.
The most superficial aspect of Mind is Conscious Self. Conscious Self is a mental construct. The individual organism’s physical structure and life processes are monitored and controlled non
dimensionally since life first appeared on the planet. The intelligence inherent in the mind of the individual monitors and controls. The more evolutionary primitive the organism, the less evolved its brain and the less evolved its understanding of its environment.
Earlier in evolution, before the creation of the neuron, the concept of ‘intelligence being inherent in the brain’ cannot exist. (Logic, if the brain is an assembly of neurons then its most primitive form will be the single neuron). Neurons were engineered to send information through the physical multicellular body of the organism. Intercellular communication: neurons in the human brain have thousands of ‘wires’/dendrites collecting information from surrounding cells, this information is relayed to the cell body where the DNA is located. Here within the DNA, the information is vortexed to the mind, processed and the resulting decision is relayed back to the DNA. Neural plasticity enables many of these dendritic wirelike connections to be absorbed back into the cell and new connections built as required. These decisions are all made in the mental realm of mind, disconnecting old unused pathways, dissolving and recycling the materials and then building and establishing new more useful pathways is an example of neural plasticity resulting from the mental control of the procedure within the memory of SoulMind.
The human physical body collects information from the environment with what we refer to as ‘the senses’. Information input, we define as sight, sound, balance, vibration, smell, touch and taste are relayed to the brain via neurons with specifically evolved receptors designed to collect specific electromagnetic frequencies. The neurons in the brain relay this information to the mind which processes it and responds accordingly. This is a sophisticated process which has become super efficient over the millennia. Often, pathways and responses have been designed to barely involve the mind and physical responses are generated directly by the brain,
hormones may be released, signals may be sent to muscles or other parts of the body. The autonomic nervous system is part of a self controlling mechanism that bypasses a lot of mental processing, it is energy and time efficient, the SoulMind monitors and as long as all is working well it does not need to intervene. After all, it set up these systems in the first place… However… Conscious self is unaware of these processes and we have learnt to pay little attention to the first signs of imbalance and the ill health that can ensue.
Conscious Self is all that we are aware of with certainty…. we think…we act… we think we know what is right and wrong, good and bad etc etc. We constantly delude ourselves with our beliefs based on little but here say and information transmitted to us by our fellow humans…
Conscious self is at the effect of the information presented to it. We are potentially vulnerable to those who want to dominate and control us. Our parents, our siblings, our neighbours, our partners and all those other people that we do not know. All of these different people have their own agendas, and underlying the process of us trying to understand the world we are growing up into, we have our own agendas. Some conscious and some not. Some at the direct effect of our biology, some at the effect of our environment, some at the effect of the genetic programming that our DNA determines, some at the effect that our DNA predisposes us to.
The complexity is immense… However it has built up over the billenia from relatively simple building blocks. And, the relatively simple building blocks of molecular structure (dimensional) and wave form frequency information (non dimensional) are themselves most complex in their structure and form.. However, deconstruct these building blocks and then we have the relatively basic forms and components of structure (dimensional), mind (non dimensional), and life (the interplay between the two).
Material physical (dimensional) matter, ie. atoms and the electrons, protons and neutrons that they are comprised of, are bodies of
condensed energy formed/fused by the forces manifesting from the Big Bang. Consequently, the original components of life are forms of energy, mental waveform frequencies. Deconstruct them and you will have the building blocks of existence. The most simple waveform frequencies are generated continuously by the First Causes, Monadic Souls….
To attempt to construct a mental vision of these forms that is rational enough to completely fit and concordantly resonate with ones intuitional rationale, we have to incorporate the scientific statements and findings of today’s knowledge with this mind’s eye view. Otherwise we are just constructing a mental picture to suit our own worldview, not a good idea if one wants to assist the journey of the soul and enable and facilitate other souls with their journey. This is the spiritual path.
Let’s start with the Monadic Soul, the ‘centre’, the zero within which everything holographically exists….
Mind has evolved layers/strata that encircle the Monadic Soul. To be more accurate, there is a fundamental interplay of simple basic waveform frequencies (which, if numbers were assigned to them, would lay down the basic statement by Pythagorus that ‘all things are numbers’. ie. Most simple frequency = 1, next one = 2 and so on…). This interplay of frequency/energy creates the mathematical laws. Waveform frequencies (wff) either interact or they don’t. They will either share some energy/information or they won’t. If they share then the interaction will produce various outcomes according to the basic energy/information contained in the wff.
Here the simple principles start to generate more complex outcomes, the outcomes are dependent on the two wffs information/energy components. Maybe the result of interaction between two wffs will be one subsequent wff., maybe it will produce two different ones, maybe three or more wffs result from the interaction of the two original wffs…. the result can be subtractive or additive… Remember this is at the virtual centre of the Monadic Soul. Virtually, but not
totally beyond conceptualisation and understanding of Mind. After all, Mind is a resultant of this most basic energy/information interaction in a realm beyond conceptualisation and understanding.
The realm of First Causes and intelligence.
In Kabalistic terms, there is the ‘Ayn’ from which flows the ‘Aynsof’.
The Ayn is the original singularity from which an infinite number of singularities manifest, ie. the Aynsof. The Aynsof represents the Monadic Collective. It is from these First Causes that the dimensional realm is produced. The manifestation of the physical relam in Kabbalistic terms is the Tree of Life. The realm of mind and its subsequent constructs manifest from this original out pouring from the Ayn. In conventional scientific terms, the singularity expands to become the ‘supersingularity’ from which all matter manifests.
Mind manifests as a result of the interplay of wffs following paths determined by their basic form and components. The wave form frequency is a flowing point, and the ‘point’ is a bundle of information that determines the path that the frequency follows. These paths become patterns, these patterns are the fundamental intelligence that is inherent in this mental structure directly associated with its own Soul energy/information generator….I say generator, but in truth it could be perceived as a perpetual motion machine, the information/energy flows out from the ‘centre’ in all ‘directions’. Of course this is a realm outside spacetime, there are no measurements and I use terms that guide the mind to understand its own nature. However, it is rational and concurs with stated scientific statements and mathematical truths and interweaves aspects of religion and ‘mysticism’, moving us along the continuum from uncertainty towards certainty…
The perpetual motion information/energy generator receives its energy/information from its periphery, it produces and it receives…. The process is continuous as represented by the circle and the
symbol, infinity. This endless dance continues even when the Monadic Soul has reached the end of its journey. Total symmetry, total enlightenment. The totally unconscious has become fully conscious….the journey of the soul is complete and Mind has become One with its Monadic Soul. The energy still flows, but it is perfection, it is symmetrical, and it is entirely within itself.
And back to being human…. The evolving Soulmind with its inherent intelligence, is now well on its journey, from first engineering single cell organisms, until today when it has engineered probably the most sophisticated quantum biocomputer to facilitate its journey. The human being is the instrument, the muse, a collection of trillions of individual bioquantum computers working together, in concert, to enable the SoulMind to continue its learning and yearning to achieve its purpose. On other planets that facilitate dimensional and non dimensional information/energy exchange, ie. life, the journey of the SoulMind is the same but the physical components of the organism’s body will be dependent on the materials and molecular building blocks available on that particular planet. The purpose is the same, the return to full symmetry, total enlightenment.
The destination of the journey of the soul is destined to be reached and it is the same for all minds, the non dimensional realm is a plenum of monadic souls. The dimensional physical realm varies according to location, it’s just a matter of time and space.
Within the mind, positive waveforms balance negative waveforms, leftward directional vectors balance out rightward directional vectors. Upward ones counterbalance downward ones. (of course, left and right, and up and down are terms of reference that do not exist outside Spacetime. Ultimately, the sum total energy of the Universe remains unchanged.
Consideration of As Above, So Below, enables mental imagery that facilitates an abstract understanding of what occurs beyond our
human ability to perceive and understand. We understand that some things can be known and other not… Knowing is a mental manifestation of mathematical certainly. It is a form of Absolute Truth. It is one of those words that has different definition and meaning dependent on whether it refers to dimensional or non dimensional existence.
The Monad/Soul manifests mind as a direct consequence of information interacting with information. Intelligence is the product of that interaction. The information is produced by and is, the activity of the Soul/Monad. Memory becomes another product of Mind…. the Monadic Soul Mind has full existence and can control physical bodies, ie. cellular structures that it has engineered and built over time… the cell bodies have an awareness of their external environment. That awareness is mental and awareness increases with cellular complexity because there is a corresponding increase in complexity of the Monadic Soul Mind.
The evolution of Awareness will eventually become the evolution of Consciousness.
So, below/within the outer strata of Conscious Self and Conscious Mind belies SpiritSelf and SpiritMind and the sub conscious mind with its increasing complexity paralleling the complexity of the Spiritmind of the organism. Sub Conscious Mind interplays the considerations of conscious self and its intentions. It results from the various regions of the brain and the corresponding regions of the Mind attempting to act out their programmed behaviours in competition with each other… It is specifically complex within the human species because of the role of the pre frontal cortex and its affect on decision making processes. This decision making process is at the affect of the environment and information flow, and in today’s world there is a continuously increasing complexity causing decision making to become confusing and conflicting. Early established behaviour programmes in an individual’s life are more
deeply ingrained and harder to recognize by the Conscious Self of the adult which has its own agendas going on. Conscious Self, if not educated to be self aware of its limitations only listens to itself…it believes it is an intelligent entity with ‘a mind of its own’…. Rather delusional…. Conscious Self is a totally mental construct. It is a combination of the Monadic Soul Mind interacting with Spirit Mind. Spirit Mind is also a construct, however it is resultant from the evolutionary processes of mind combining genetics and environment to produce more sophisticated bioquantum computers [physical organisms with a mental counterpart]. Intention is a manifestation of mind and it was designed to produce outcomes more beneficial to the survival of the organism. Intention existed way before humans, it served the SoulMind well in enabling survival through incorporating memory with intelligence and the ability of Mind to produce new ideas which are intended to benefit the individual. Sometimes the mind makes mistakes, it is how learning develops. Incorporating past experience with present environmental conditions. Intention is to preserve the genetic complement of the individual and its species. Mind learnt to encapsulate information within its strata representing the present physical life form existence. The experience of the organism, from moment to moment, had a relative relevance to its survival, the Mind learnt to recognise and understand this. We are talking of an immense passage of time passing for the Mind to develop this facility and to permanently store relevant information to aid its future existence. Encapsulating information and storing it creates a database that we refer to as memory. Mind has learnt to access it, originally in single cell organisms and subsequently in multicellular ones. Each cell of an individual organism has its own memory store. It must have, what sufficient reason would there be for it not to? ….. Er …..Maybe if it was a blood cell with no DNA ?
The survival strategies that were the most successful were almost all laid down in the times when there were only single cell organisms…
They existed for a couple of billion years or so before multicellular organisms, that would probably be time enough to develop and manifest the most successful strategies. Computer generated Game Theory demonstrates that the most successful strategy for survival of an individual and its genes is the ‘Tit for Tat’ model. Bacteria demonstrate this behaviour, why? because they were engineered by Mind with its inherent intelligence which will always calculate the most ‘successful’ outcomes as determined by Intention.
Below/within the strata of Conscious Self is Spirit Mind with some concept of Self attached to it. Humans have a highly developed form of conscious self, I consider that other organisms have a lesser form, if they have developed one at all. In humans, there is a Subconscious, this inter plays between Conscious Self and Spirit Self.
Spirit Self is the strata of Mind containing the memories, since conception, of the individual organism. By conception, I refer to the combination of male and female genetic information, the male and female genetic complement combining to produce a potentially more sophisticated version of its parents. Animals and plants will have a Spirit Mind with its associated individual self/memory. The minds of all members of a species also have some form of connection with each other in this non dimensional realm of existence. What sufficient reason is there to assume that when the physical body breaks down, its corresponding mental body dissipates at the same time? The non dimensional existence [SpiritMind] may well continue to maintain its form…that mental form of existence will probably not be able to generate new innovative ideas etc, however, its existence is not necessarily extinguished with the loss of connection to its physical body. It is the loss of connection that, until death, exchanges energy/information between the two realms, and it is this last flow of energy/information that returns to the non dimensional that
maybe corresponds to the 7 grams weight loss that human physical bodies demonstrate upon “passing over”. The MonadicSoulMind has disconnected from the body, no information /energy returns to the corpse. 7 grams… Of the 100 or more trillion cells of the body, if only 70 trillion of them are active the moment before ‘one’s last breath’, then that is 70 trillion cells all containing billions of molecules of DNA exchanging information/energy between the two realms.. That is ten trillion cells producing a gram weight of energy between them. That is one cell producing one tenth of a trillionth of a gram of waveform frequencies.. and then calculate how many molecules of DNA in one cell… there are more than one billion… if there were only one billion then that would account for each DNA molecule transferring one billionth of a tenth of a trillionth of a gram of information/energy in one direction because ‘death’ has occurred and the two way flow of information has ceased… How heavy is a waveform frequency? Well at the Big Bang sufficient forces condensed significant numbers of them to become the solid particles with mass that we refer to as electrons, protons and neutrons…
I digress, and the maths is getting beyond me…
Likelihood is that the more sophisticated the SpiritMind, the more likely it is to maintain its existence, particularly if this is beneficial to the underlying SoulMind and its purpose, facilitating the Soul to return to its former finest state of being. Total symmetry, Godhead… The individual Soul will become a God. Of course it is just a word attempting to define something using terminology of today. The Mind of God will manifest when all individual Souls achieve Godhead. It is the Becoming. God does not manifest until all Souls achieve total enlightenment. That might be considered blasphemy, however, that is an old and outdated term, now erased by the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and by Mind itself… The more journeyed SoulMind can understand this, the less journeyed ones cannot. It is how understanding manifests as a product of Mind.
Mind learns with each physical body incarnation, whether it is a bacteria, amoeba, plant, tree, fish, dog, elephant or human… The journey continues until the intended endpoint. At which point reincarnation cannot occur. Until then, correct and continue…
Conscious Self is the combination of conscious mind assembling information from physical self, the environment and the genetic components affecting the assimilation of that information into the memory within SpiritMind. The conscious mind only experiences the ‘Now’. Spirit mind is a bit more canny, but most of its attributes are layered and many are connected with SoulMind ‘below’.
Conscious Self develops a personality. Spirit Self manifest the Character, ie. the Soul’s disposition manifesting through the genetic complement. When personality and character become unbalance, so too does the mind of the individual. It is easy to understand, no? For some yes, for others, not so easy… for others not yet possible… They need to learn more to be able to understand more… What holds them back? Being born into an environment that has not enabled or facilitated a natural development of their mind to develop. Being presented with discordant information that confuses or restricts their innate ability to learn. Bad diet, malnutrition, misinformation, an unsupportive environment during pregnancy, infancy and so on…being at the effect of others who have an agenda that suppresses the individual’s potential.
The intention of all parents of relatively functional minds (most people) is to care for and protect the wellbeing of their children. They are dependent on their environment and their past experiences… There is no blame…THERE IS NO BLAME. THERE SHOULD BE NO POINTING THE FINGER… We are all at the effect of the past… our present incarnations past experiences and also the memories of our experiences from past lives. What sufficient reason is there to suppose that these past life memories do not impinge on our present life? That is what some folk refer to as Karma… In the bigger picture of ‘what goes around comes around’,
karma could be regarded as a mechanism entrenched in non dimensional information interplay, we are as individuals, so much at the effect of past experience going back hundreds and probably thousands of years…
The SpiritMind has its associated aspect of Self due to it being entirely a non dimensional construct corresponding to the physical body and the concept of Self associated with it. It is a separate entity that has manifested as a result of the SoulMind connection with either a fertilised egg or a seed in the earliest phase of germination. There is a mechanism for a seed attracting a SoulMind to it in order to provide the Life Energy and information required for cell division and cell growth. Maybe it is not so different a mechanism for a fertilised egg. We enter the realm of conjecture, I have not applied my mind to this matter, only to the fertilisation of egg by sperm. Likelihood is that as the SoulMind learns from its past experiences and life forms it has engineered, it develops a more sophisticated mode of connection. For humans, either the fertilised egg (with its non dimensional corresponding form) attracts the Soulmind to it or, the ripe Ovum attracts a SoulMind to it before conception and it is the SoulMind that chooses which DNA complement best suits its intention and allows only that single sperm to enter the egg for fertilisation to occur. Either way, it is the SoulMind that delivers the energy and information through the DNA to regulate the development of the embryo. A whole range of evolutionary precursor forms manifest and are reabsorbed during embryological development. Gills and other non human features temporarily appear as the embryo acts out its preprogrammed development until the human form is reached. That is around 12 weeks after conception. Huge changes occur during this embryological growth, the changes are linear, in line with evolutionary development of form and species. At 12 weeks baby human is formed and it is then called a foetus. From that point in time, SpiritMind can start to
manifest…prior to that, it cannot, the embryological development is regulated by SoulMind.
Physical bodies are separate and individuated, we cannot know the thoughts or memories of another person in the physical realm. Mentally we are all connected, not at the level of SpiritMind, that has too much Self associated with it. Deeper within the strata, Self is relatively non existent, and SoulMind is to the ‘forefront’. The closer to the Soul, the further from Self, and it is likely that certain aspects of our evolution connect different parts of our body to different strata of the structure and form of Mind.
It is likely and feasible that the earliest organs evolving within animal bodies have a closer connection to the more inner workings of the Mind. Gut feelings would be the most primitive. The gut is the first organ to appear in embryological development. You might have read that it was the anus that appeared first, however, the largest organ of the body is the skin, it is on the outside and the inside. Inside, it manifests as the digestive system in humans. In the earliest multicellular organisms it would have been the tube that water and other particles passed through….(the movement of the water and particles is explained by new evidence regarding the fourth phase of water, H2O3, check out the Ted talk by Professor Gerald Pollock, or more of his lectures on the subject of EZ water).
It is easy to understand the importance of this primitive gut tube being able to differentiate between potential food and potential poison…learning to do this would be on prime significance to mind and the need to remember and improve on the system is paramount to future survival in what is already a highly competitive and potentially dangerous environment of various multicellular life forms vying for the upper hand and also defending off bacteria and viruses…so… The cells of the gut have a closer connection to the realm of Soulmind than the cells of the kidney. In evolutionary terms, the kidney is a much more recent ‘invention’. Subsequent to the gut and skin cells of the developing blastocyst (the bundle of
cells that result from cell division of the egg fertilised by the sperm), the next organ to appear in embryological development is the heart. The need to pump water with is associated minerals and foodstuff around the multicellular organism became obviously necessary because the natural movement of the H2O3 water would be slowed down by frictional forces as the organism increased in size. A pump is the rational choice of machine to create, Intelligent Mind designed and built a pump. Subsequently it engineered and kept improving on the original blueprints. Easy to see the very close connection between heart and Mind, easy to confuse the two with insufficient clarity. Consider the much later introduction of the mammalian brain and the limbic system, enhancing the accuracy of the more primitive decision making processes already established.
The Mind of the reptilian brain (without a limbic system), processes information on a more basic level of responses. Friend or foe, food or not, attack, run or do nothing. Add a limbic system to this processing of information and emotional input can benefit the organism. Increasing efficiency, saving energy and considerably increasing the computational potential of the mind. It introduced degrees of consideration prior to decisions being made in the mind and responses being initiated in the body. How friendly? How dangerous? How tasty? Association and correlation of experiences with memories on a scale of, for example, 1 to 100. Concepts such as friend or foe, run or attack, good or bad became more complex. No longer a black or white world of experience but one enriched by colour (metaphorically speaking, although analogous to the evolution of colour perception in the mind). The limbic system introduced a fine tunig of decisionmaking processes… Relativity had taken off. How tasty? And if I bury the carcass does it become more tasty? Memory and experience interact to lay down new memories. It is inefficient to have to remember everything and so many past memories can be allowed to or actively breakdown. This is a mental process established probably within the past billion
years. Experience in a particular context and environment may not be the same if some significant variable changes. All of this data is recorded and processed by the Mind. Mental pathways and patterns are redesigned and programmes altered to incorporate new information that might increase survival. Consider that a fundamental aspect of mind… It is not in the brain….this process, originally a simple dialectical response, was occurring before neurons even appeared on the planet although multicellular organisms were in existence. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Producing a mental response that produces a new consideration to be tried out in the physical body. The single cell is a bio quantum computer. Single cells are machines designed by Soulminds. After all, there was not just one SoulMind out there, (or should that read ‘in there’? whichever way, there is an infinite number of them). The bio quantum computer is a physical structure of molecular building blocks, its operator is non local, Mind is non local. Professor Russel Targ from MIT Stanford University clearly states this. He had CIA funding for 23 years researching Remote Viewing and ESP….. One has to consider why spend so much time and money on a false claim……very accurate data came from this field of study. Apparently…
Trillions of cells in the human body act in concert with each other in real time. Do the maths. How much data is being processed in a millisecond. Neurons in the spinal chord firing 2000 impulses per second… If information is not processed outside Spacetime what other mechanism is rationally presented to explain this phenomena?
Oh yes, God …..but apart from him, and by today’s standards he may be female, in which case she can process all that information instantly and for all living beings on this planet. Is that rational?
So we have the mental construct that is conscious mind/self that we think is located in the head experiencing the now with some connection to the non local spirit mind/self which is itself also connected to the SoulMind that manifests our existence. SoulMind has memory, it is not the same memory as SpiritMind but it connects to it. Hence the explanation for past life regressions….
Memory of a past life is unique and proven at times to be most accurate. Memory of the place between past lives is the same for all people.
Paul Pearsall in the book ‘The Heart’s Code’ provides plenty of anecdotal evidence from individuals who successfully received heart transplants and developed characteristics displayed by the donor when they were alive. Why the connection between donor and recipient? Simple, the DNA of the heart connects with the SpiritMind of its original owner. Characteristics of the latter can manifest in the former. It is not just transplanted hearts that produce this effect. Other organ transplants can do so, of course the data is ignored by mainstream science because it does not conform to the conventional mindset of modern day scientific materialism…how long will it take for this baby to go down the plug hole…?
And now consider the potential existence of aspects of mind manifesting within individual organs. How many cells constitute a kidney? If originally, single cell organisms were connected to a Mind through their DNA and they had a basic awareness and will to live, then why is it feasible for many cells, all manifesting the same organ, [purpose], eg. a kidney, to have a basic awareness of their ‘raison d’etre’ and consequently form kind of submind with its own will and intent.
A collection of cells with a will of their own, kidney cells want to be kidney cells… Heart cells want to be heart cells, germ cells want to be anything they can. Groups of cells within the brain [nuclei] work together to exert their will on the decision making process within the
mind. This seems most reasonable to me, does it sound farfetched to you? That the earth has only been around for 5,000 years or so is far more ridiculous a consideration.
At the centre of Mind is the Monadic Soul, it generates intelligence which manifests Mind by definition. The purpose is to enable the Monadic Soul to return to full symmetry, a mathematical state that changed with the occurrence of the Big Bang. SoulMind, with inherent intelligence is there for the MonadicSoul. Dimensional physical existence has created organic molecules in the environment on planet earth several billion years ago which was quite formidable. Complex molecular structures with hexagonal shape which can send information from a source external to the realm of Monadic Souls appeared on the planet surface. These molecules with a hexagonal carbon skeleton produce micro vortices which send information from the dimensional realm through the zero-point field to the mental realm where SoulMinds exist. A two way flow of information through the zero point field ensues and SoulMind wants to make the process more efficient and consistent. Through calculated trial and error, the manipulation of the physical realm of these molecules ensued. Eventually the master molecule was engineered. DNA had arrived and the rest is history.
Understanding Life…Introduction Part 2
What is life?
In order to consider this it is really necessary to define the word and that in itself creates conflict between individuals.
… It is understanding that Mind strives for, and in order to understand correctly, us humans need to have accurate definitions of words and terms in order to reduce misunderstanding and avoid conflict.
Recognising that there are two realms of existence that we experience simultaneously enables us to realise that we have words that have a different meaning when related to each individual realm. We also have some words that are specific to one realm only.
Because there are two realms, a lot of confusion arises between individuals and groups because they are not aware of this Truth and consequently misunderstanding can quickly develop and escalate into conflict. Some definitions are fixed and finite, others can be more general, allowing for understanding to assign meaning to the term or concept.
Reality can be defined as the co-existence of two realms, a non dimensional realm and a dimensional realm. The dimensional realm is ultimately an extension of the non dimensional waveform frequency realm. It is this extension that enables the dimensional realm to be measured and quantified. The condensed energy that constitutes the physical particles, ie electrons, protons and neutrons, generate energy fields such as gravity and electromagnetic forces that enable the dimensional realm to maintain a relatively constant state of cohesion and existence. The laws of physics are deduced from this physical reality, and these almost infinitely small particles (electrons, protons and neutrons) are the solid building blocks of the physical dimensional realm.
Within themselves, protons, neutrons and electrons are complex packets of condensed energy/information, they are sufficiently
dense to have mass and their weight can be measured/calculated. They interact with each other in an organised manner and arrange themselves as a variety of organised forms and separate units to become what science defines as elements. Chemistry is the science of how these elements interact. The periodic table lists them, the most basic element is hydrogen. One electron, one proton and one neutron. Next is Helium. Two electrons, two protons and two neutrons and so on up the periodic table. Carbon has six of each ‘trons’ nitrogen has seven, oxygen has eight. Chemistry denotes an abbreviated lettering code, H for hydrogen, C for carbon, N for nitrogen Fe for iron etc
The lettering code/definition of elements within the perodic table enables scientists to ‘read’ this abbreviated terminology and understand the concepts described in these chemical formulae.
The basic unit of each element is an atom. Two or more atoms combined together are defined as a molecule. Elements can exist in nature in either their pure state, a huge stable collection of atoms linked together with other identical atoms to form stable solid structures. Some elements exist [at normal temperatures and pressure] as gases, here two or more atoms of the same element combine to form a molecule, ie more than one atom…
Pure iron only has iron atoms bound together by physical forces. The same is true for all elements. Pure oxygen only consists of oxygen atoms which form stable pairs of atoms sharing their electrons. This relatively stable molecule is denoted in chemistry as O2, two oxygen atoms held together by physical forces. The interaction of atoms and molecules, and their accompanying force fields constitute and form the physical dimensional realm of existence and manifest the reality of SpaceTime. The laws of physics and the subsequent laws of nature are within this order and at the effect of the dimensional spacetime realm.
Life forms as we perceive them, have evolved sensory apparatus to pick up and receive information from the dimensional realm. Ears
receive three dimensional sound waves, the nose collects three dimensional molecules in the air and we have the concept of smell, taste buds in the mouth collect information from the molecules that constitute food, or anything else that gets put in the mouth. Different organisms have evolved different receptors to collect information from the physical world. Organisms have also evolved sensors to collect non physical energy. Birds can respond to electro magnetic waves and eyes respond to photons, the basic units of light, photons have no mass and are consequently, by definition are non dimensional.
The mind is outside of spacetime. The mind collects information via DNA from the various receptors within the cell body that it has engineered over the Billenia. It is Mind that has designed the systems that enable cell bodies to maintain their integrity and existence. Maybe around three billion years ago the first most simple single cells came into existence.
Bilennias ago, Monadic Souls received vortexed information via organic molecules with hexagonal shaped carbon rings and Nucleic acids in the chemical soup, (the mineral and molecular rich bodies of water on the planet’s surface). The concept of Mind as we attempt to understand it, manifested. Slowly through the process of the dialectic, minds produced self sustaining and self replicating single cell bodies through a process of guided trial and error. This information feedback system was proposed by Lamark in opposition to classic Darwinian theory, life on Earth was progressing and the Monadic Soul Mind had engineered an instrument that could transmit information from the physical realm and subsequently receive information sent back to it by the Monadic Soul. Communication between cells evolved and similar cell bodies could work together to enhance their chances for survival in the harsh environments on and below the surface of the planet.
Mind has already been evolving inherent intelligence non dimensionally for maybe ten billion years since the theoretical big bang concept, the event that marked the beginning of a new aeon of existence. Liebnitz, had a mind that understood that the life processes occurring within the single cell were ordered and organised by an even smaller order of organisation. He was of the Platonic, Pythagorean School of Rational Idealists. He officially defined the smallest possible unit of existence as the Monad, (from the Greek language). Unofficialy he equated it with the Soul. Had he announced this officially he would have been branded a heretic and put to death by the Catholic Church.
Defining a system facilitates communal understanding, I am developing a definition of terms to facilitate this understanding…actually, I consider that it is more a matter of explaining words that we already have. An accurate definition should resonate concordantly within one’s mind…..a feeling of understanding should arise. And so l try to develop explanations that outline the differences between Soul, Spirit, Mind and Will. They all exist non dimensionally but they experience the dimensional realm and interact with it according to their level of connection with it.
The Monadic Soul is the receptacle of Mind.
Mind is the order of the inherent process of information interacting with information at the most basic and fundamental level of non dimensional existence.
The order inherent in this interaction of information is the basic nature of intelligence. Processing information is the inherent interaction of information interacting with information. Mind processes information. That is what Mind is. The process of information interacting with information is the process of information processing. Processing information is basic intelligence. Intelligence is the ability of the mind to process information . Mind, manifesting within the Monadic Soul, will learn to recognise that
information within itself differentiates it from the Monadic Soul Minds that surround it. However, they are interconnected, leading to the eventual conceptual existence of collective Awareness and (subsequent) Consciousness. Physical bodies, on the other hand, are individuated, cell bodies exist as individual and separate entities existing in SpaceTime.
The Flower of Life
The sum total mental singularity realm can be represented by the flower of life
The centre of each flower represents an individual Monadic Soul singularity, the petals represent all the frequencies/energy, both positive and negative, that emanate from it (all balancing out to zero). They emanate and interface with the same frequencies of the surrounding monads. The word ‘direction’ is a dimensional term and thus cannot be used to describe how the frequencies emanate. Mathematically, they are vectors. The totality of these emanations
fill the plenum of the non dimensional realm, there are no ‘gaps’ between each flower.
Each Monadic Soul singularity is a part of a super singularity which itself manifests the dimensional realm with the occurrence of the Big Bang and connection with the dimensional realm for each Monadic soul singularity is through the concept of the zero point field. The zero point field is a theoretical dimensional concept, and it is an accepted term used in conventional science. It is also by definition a non dimensional concept as it refers to a zero point, ie having zero existence. Conventionally, the non dimensional realm does not exist so how can the zero point field exist…. Maybe because the convention has got something wrong… You can consider that within the ‘as above so below’ concept, that there is a monadic soul on the ‘other side’ of the zero point…Dimensionality manifests from the zero point, non dimensionality is the Monadic collective..
Subsequently, with information being able to be ‘stored’, (non dimensionally) the concept of memory developed. The ability of the mind to retrieve information stored and incorporate that information into the decision making ability that inherently developed in Mind would have been an evolutionary enhancing development. Memory is a phenomenal tool for survival.
The dialectic is a simple process. Thesis, antithesis and synthesis… At the most basic level of frequency interaction ….frequency 1 interacts with frequency 2 to form frequency 3 . However a simple frequency is already a complex packet of information and in truth, if both frequencies have information with a, let’s say, positive charge/annotation, they may not interact. So the basic level of information interaction is that frequency (a) interacts with frequency (b) to form frequency (c), or alternatively, it does not interact. The most fundamental basis of information exchange is already a two sided process. Either it will interact or it will not… Will, or Will
Not… The concept of the potential for ‘choice’ is there at the most basic level of information processing. Thesis is a concept, as is antithesis… Frequency 1 and frequency 2 representing the most simple wave form information bundles, interact to produce the synthesis of the interaction. The dialectic at its simplest. As Mind evolved and interacts with the dimensional, this comparing one thing with another to result in a ‘decision’, it will become basis for the natural process of discrimination. Discrimination is natural, until human minds reach a level of rational control, nowadays discrimination is generally be interpreted to be a bad thing. Recognising discrimination to be a natural process should enable one to understand it for what it is, ie. part of the evolution of Mind. Understanding something enables us to have more control over it.
Originally enabling the evolution and development of single cell organisms, the mechanisms of survival in the physical realm developed, Mind wanted to learn more and more about the physical realm, more complex single cells evolved accordingly. Long chains of DNA facilitated greater information exchange between the dimensional and non dimensional realms, life forms competed for resources and with each other. More complex cells evolved, however free floating DNA chains with their supportive protein scaffold limited the size that a single cell (prokaryotic) could efficiently maintain.
Mind overcame this problem by encapsulating the DNA and locating it in the centre of the cell. (Eukaryotic) This was a significant game changer in the evolutionary process. The long chains became coiled up and central to the cell body enabling a large increase in size of the single cell. Subsequently, and with the development of multicellular organisms with differentiated cell functions, far greater amounts of information were able to be exchanged between the two realms. The information enters the DNA in the spacetime physical realm and is transmitted/ vortexed
Commented [H1]:
into the mental realm outside spacetime. The information is processed outside of spacetime, stored information (memory) is recruited and ‘considered’ a decision is made and it is then sent back to the cell body via the two way information exchange mechanism that is inherent within the nature of the vortex inside each DNA molecule.
A billion years of this process increasing in efficiency, enabled the mind to make very quick decisions with physical responses in the cell body that it was interacting with. An intimate interrelationship developed between the mind and the cell body….the mind needed the cell body in order to receive information from the physical realm. When the physical structure of the cell body was damaged the chances were that the integrity of the cell was lost and that “death” occurred. Slight damage to the cell body may have enabled the cell to still function and repair mechanisms would have evolved accordingly. Not by pure chance, but by information feedback systems between the cell and the mind controlling it…
Try to contemplate a billion years of Mind processing information within itself, a totally non dimensional experience, intelligence evolving within the Monadic Soul. Of course, mind is outside spacetime, it is a singularity, beyond human understanding, we can only rationalise and abstractly attempt to conceptualise its existence and form, because it is the nature and source of our physical existence as a living organism.
The non dimensional realm of existence is purely a waveform frequency/information realm, it is outside spacetime, it is the realm of Mind, Soul, Spirit, Will and Memory.
Life, being the process of information exchange between the dimensional and non dimensional realm, enabled living organisms
to develop in response to information received from the physical environment and consequently mind evolved accordingly. By definition, species don’t evolve. Evolution is a slow gradual change, species cannot interbreed, there is a big difference between them. Minds on the other hand do evolve and they develop understanding, they can design, engineer and generate life forms accordingly, usually through subtle changes within the species and occasionally by the introduction of a new species. Organisms of the same species share a lot of information because they have inherent understanding of life from the perspective of that particular species. Members of the same species share and communicate much more information and can understand each other far more than separate species. Inter species communication does occur in nature and some species can work with others in certain situations that benefit a mutual increase in survival. Members of the same species that work together ultimately increase the probability of their genes surviving and consequently become more successful…. that is until some external physical or environmental factors limit and affect this growth and development. Survival is based on mutual aid and communal support, not survival of the fittest as Darwin allegedly suggested. (P. Kropotkin 1902 Mutual Aid, A Factor in Evolution)
MINDISM And Cartesian Duality
Mindism is the concept that develops from the precept that there appears to be two realms of existence, Dimensional reality and Non Dimensional reality and that ultimately, the dimensional realm is a physical manifestation originating from and composed of non dimensional activity.
Mindism is Platonic, Pythagorean philosophy enhanced by more recent mathematical statements, combined with scientific theories to produce a rational and reasonable single model explanation of everything .
It explains reality as we perceive it and as we rationalise, understand and experience it.
Mind is a mental phenomena, originating from the Soul/Monad, and it is the Monadic collective that is the cause and origin of the physical, dimensional realm that we experience as life, matter and the universe.
Mind is outside SpaceTime and hence is non dimensional by definition.
Dimensional existence is empirical and can be measured. Human minds introduced and evolved Science which developed agreed conventions of measurement, such as centimetres, litres and grams, enabling us to engineer and build the world we live in today.
Scientific convention today is still fundamentally Newtonian. It denies the existence of a non dimensional realm of non physical activity, and at the same time is totally dependent on mathematics to ‘prove’ its theories. Mathematics is a totally non dimensional subject. It is the language of the cosmic universe and has no physical structure whatsoever… Mathematics is a totally mental phenomena occurring within Mind and describes/defines the activity of Leibnitz’s Monads, the First Causes of Existence (as will be discussed later in this work).
All activity within Mind is non dimensional waveform frequency information interaction and exchange. In this work, the term ‘Mind’ refers to activity within the mental realm which itself contains a finite infinite number of Leibnitzian Monadic Souls from which all the energy in the cosmic universe manifests.
The term cosmic universe, the totality of Existence, refers to the dualistic concept of dimensional and non dimensional existence. In simple terms Mind and Matter. The cosmos is dimensional and the universe is really a combination of dimensional and non dimensional.
Definition is important when communicating with other human minds. If we do not have an accepted convention of definition then confusion and misunderstanding arises with its subsequent detrimental activity. Unfortunately today, too many people have so limited a vocabulary that misunderstanding and conflict has become the norm….this situation should easily be remedied by delivering accurate information in the form of well defined vocabulary to the individual mind…..however, as we know, it is not that straightforward.. Mind has evolved human beings and they are at the effect of the evolution of mental activity.
Mind is on a journey from unconscious to conscious, from dark to light, from ignorance to divinity, from alpha to omega……the journey is a mathematical self solving equation intended to return Mind to its all knowing harmonious symmetrical state of oneness whereby all the individual minds within the collective Mind have reached their ultimate state of existence. When enlightenment is attained on an individual level the SoulMind will no longer reincarnate. It will affect those SoulMinds around it which in turn influence others, leading to the total enlightenment of all minds. This is then the only true definition for the concept that we know as ‘God’. Individual minds, having achieved full symmetry and enlightenment have no need for reincarnation. Instead their
existence is totally non dimensional, and one could say that that individual mind has achieved Godhead. It has become a God…
Monadic Soul Minds (MSMs) constantly share energy/information with the MSMs around them, their existence affects other Monadic Souls around them …as above so below. The Monadic Soul engineered living cell bodies around 2 and a half billion years ago [maybe 3 billion]…when physical bodies interact with each other there is a non physical interaction occurring at the same time, however, the non physical interaction is outside SpaceTime.
The concept of “outside SpaceTime” although it exists in our minds is virtually impossible to comprehend because our understanding of reality has been so programmed by the information presented to us as we have grown up.
Had we received a more open broad based education, we might have a better understanding of Mind and its non dimensional reality of existence. We can but speculate. One thing is for sure, the only way to consider the concept of “outside SpaceTime ” is to use our mind. We use our mind to process thoughts, ideas, definitions and concepts, it enables us to understand the world we live in. It enables us to understand and make sense of the vast amount of data that is sent to the mind from our senses.
In real time, one eye sends a billion messages to the brain every second… Our senses send information to the brain via neurons and it is relayed to the mind accordingly. Specialised receptors at one end of the neuron collect information from the environment around our body and relay that information to the mind, predominantly via the brain. However, more primitive simple organisms that do not have nerve cells also send information to the SoulMind controlling that organism….DNA is the ‘transmitter/receiver, DNA enables efficient and controllable information exchange across the zero point field. It enables Life, as we define it, to manifest on planet earth.
Combining logic and reason creates a rational state of mental activity. This happens by comparison… Comparing one idea with another is mental activity, this occurs within our mind and they are considered and evaluated, decisions are made accordingly. Mathematically speaking, an idea is a super complex waveform frequency algorithm, the idea is a combination of thoughts, which are themselves less complex waveform frequency algorithms. Waveform frequency algorithms interact according to previously established wave from frequency algorithmic activity. This activity is directed and controlled by the mind which has been evolving since its original form was created out of the relatively simple mental interaction of algorithmic information.
In the most primordial cell bodies and the most complex multicellular organisms, actions are carried out, responses are noted… Everything is recorded in memory and used for future information processing. Some of this mental activity we actually experience in real time. I refer to this realtime experience of information as Conscious Self.
Conscious Self is aware of what is happening in the moment of ‘now’… It is where the attention is focussed and enables us to make realtime decisions that affect and determine the future.
Conscious Self is a mental construct. It is necessary for the survival of the individual, it uses the mental faculties to try to ensure its survival. Conscious Self is a tool of the Unconscious Mind, it generates a sense and concept of Self……
Earliest life forms would have had relatively simple minds controlling them. They were relatively simple life forms. However, do not be misled… A simple life form is itself a highly complex organism controlled by a highly intelligent mind. This is not what I was taught at school. But then again most of what I was taught had to be revalued, revised, updated, changed, refined, thrown away etc. etc. Most scientific theories presented throughout the past century or so have been shown to be wrong as more accurate information is
realised. To accept scientific theories as Truth is not a good idea… You will develop ideas that are built on scientific sand…not the solid foundation one would chose to build a house for Self… For a solid foundation of Absolute Truths, mathematics is the groundwork and strength to build on.
Intelligence is within Mind. Understanding is within Mind. Mind manifests from the interaction of a Monadic Soul and individual minds manifest with connection to a physical cell body.
Growing up in the world today is learning how to, and when and when not to, conform to convention. Cultural norms and conventions, national norms and conventions international norms and conventions are out there to be experienced and either challenged or accepted accordingly to context and environment. The conflict between being one’s Self and being oneself is constant. That is until one realises the difference and cause of the difference. Learning/indoctrination about who we are, and what we are, and how we learn this is and process and understand that information, makes us the person that we are today. Accurately delivered information, misinformation, disinformation and wrong information have to be recognised for what they are….and that can take a lifetime…..
Name rank and number against free mind and spirit. Personality against character, Conscious Self against SoulMind, with SpiritSelf and the SubConscious somewhere between the two, (depending on circumstance and subject matter).
The Key to Understanding Life. Introduction Part 1
Life is the flow of energy and information from the dimensional realm of Matter to the non dimensional realm of Mind and back to the realm of Matter and vice versa.
The conventional definition of life produces a couple of anomalies such that viruses conform to some but not all criteria. Ultimately the definition comes from a Newtonian mindset, which is ironic really because he is held responsible for taking Mind out of the mind/matter equation…creating the paradigm that mind emanates from matter …..
Rational idealists reject this mindset and replace it with the Platonic/Leibnitz understanding that Mind is the essence of existence if not “existence in itself…”
It is necessary to recognise or at least consider that we exist in two realm at once. The physical realm of Matter and the frequency realm of Mind.
The key to life on this planet appears in the form of DNA. It would be more appropriate to call DNA the keyhole to life. The key is the mechanism within the molecule. You cannot see DNA but you accept its existence, you cannot see the key ……will you accept its existence? Hopefully you will at least consider the matter. (pun intended).
It does seem such that where we humans experience life forms, we find that they all have one thing in common…DNA, a double helix of 4 types of very similar molecules.
So what are these molecules? In chemistry they are called Bases. There are 4 DNA bases/molecules, Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine. These bases pair with each other, Adenine with Thymine and Guanine and Cytosine. Their initials, A, T, C and G, constitute the Genetic Code determined by the sequence they follow on the chromosome.
Energy flows between the two realms in the form of frequency waves…. Only frequencies small enough to pass through the Zero Point Field can do this. The Zero Point Field (ZPF) is accepted by conventional science as an existent. They say it’s a three dimensional field that fills the universe and it was from this Field that dimensional existence manifested in the form of The Big Bang. You can see Professor Brian Cox demonstrate this on the TV programme Qi. Convention states there is nothing smaller than the zero point. I ask you to contemplate the existence of another realm “on the other side of” the ZPF. Rationally it is easier to consider and conceptualise its existence on the other side that if it is occupying the same location as solid dimensional matter.
Ultimately, as we can only, at this stage of evolution, rationalise its existence from the information available to us, it could be conceptualised or considered to exist “somewhere else”, in terms of quantum physics, it is non local. This work certainly does not have all the answers, at this point in time, I am not that intuitive…
Some molecules which have dimensional structure can facilitate this flow and certain organic molecules, I consider, enable this, increasing the rate of flow and allow for some form of location positioning to be established.
The concept of a non dimensional realm outside spacetime had been repeatedly rejected prior to the establishment of quantum physics… Now it is a given in the quantum realm but creates a lot of difficulties to conventional science. (Newtonianism)
Try to consider an existence outside spacetime…. It is mind boggling and challenging.
Consider this reality…. Each human eye sends one billion messages to the brain every second as a continuous flow of changing information, and another billion messages reach the brain from the body, so that three billion messages are sent to the brain every one second…. If a soft ball is thrown towards you, its position is
constantly changing. Somehow the mind can process this constant flow of information and learn to coordinate moving the position of the hand so that it can catch the ball. Every nanosecond the information is changing. Now consider that this act occurs in a slight wind…. Even greater variables apply but the mind attempts and, if it is not so windy, the hand will catch the ball. Think about that. Billions of bytes of information processed allegedly in real time enable this amazing act to be performed, and once we have learnt how to do this it stays with us for life, like riding a bicycle.
It should be irrational to accept this explanation without a precise mechanism in place that can explain how this happens… Like so many things, conventional science just creates a new word or a complex concept, itself difficult to understand in order to cover up for the gap in knowledge that should produce a reasonable explanation.
A classic example of this is Gravity. Apparently Newton invented it. (I joke) he discovered it, is how we are taught…. Think about it…. Everyone knows that apples fall to the ground, he just did some measurements on speed and distance and realised that the realm of time was measurable. Well, we knew that space had been measured using conventionally accepted units for thousands of years… It was easy to connect the centimetre to a gram weight by using water as the common medium producing a convention for weighing things, one cubic centimetre of water is one gram. Water is almost everywhere on the planet and so, with a centimetre rule a convention of weight emerges…
Speed and velocity required a relatively accurate measurement of time…. Newton was fortunate that the clock measuring minutes and seconds was available for his calculations. Where would be now if Pythagoras had a clock?
Newton believed that space and time were totally separate entities and his system of measurements were incredibly accurate for a couple of centuries but then the quantum world was established. All
forms of measurement require maths. Science is all about experiment and verification. Verification is not proof. Proof is truly a mathematical concept. There is only one true, correct and right answer to mathematical statements. Whether it is 1+1=2, 100 x 22.5 = 2250, or pi.r squared = the area of a circle, there is only one True answer. However, it needs to be considered that there are degrees of wrongness. If the given answer to 100 x 22.5 was 2255 it is less wrong than 2280…. Relative wrongness should be better understood in our dimensional existence, there would be less confusion….we have become indoctrinated into thinking that the world is black and white, right or wrong etc., but in truth it is mostly relative and this should be kept in mind at all times..(excuse my sense of humour .. There is nothing relative in the nondimensional realm of mind.)
All dimensional frequencies come under the definition of being either sine waves or cosine waves…the general term is sinusoidal waves. The universe is a structural form of sinusoidal waves. Leibnitz, in his Principal of Monads stated that the monad was the smallest possible thing to exist and it generates the full spectrum of frequencies in the non dimensional realm. Their ‘production and release’ produces an incessant and concordant flow of energy from each monad. The non dimensional realm is a plenum of monads. That means there are no gaps within the monadic collective.
How Information Flows. Introduction Part 3
Information flows as waveform frequencies. Energy flows as waveform frequencies. Information and energy are synonymous. A waveform frequency is a flowing ‘point’. It is perpetual motion in action. Its path is consistent and determined by the information that is the ‘point’, the ‘point’ is to be considered as an unalterable behaviour program. Its path, the waveform, is finite, it is defined by the information inherent within the ‘point’. It will continue to flow with the same waveform path/pattern until it interacts with another frequency. When it interacts with another frequency its motion continues but it may well combine in some way or another with the other waveform to produce a variety of subsequent waveforms depending on the information contained within the point.
As above so below. This ancient adage is a tool that enables the rational aspect of Mind to use the mechanism of intuition to gain insight into the forces, forms and structure that manifest as information/energies interact.
Definition: Intuition is the intended the flow of information from the unconscious aspect of non dimensional mind into the mental construct of dimensional conscious self. Conscious Self recognises that the information that has “popped into the head” is a solution to some unresolved issue that the conscious mind had been working on. This unexpected solution to a problem arrives “out of the blue”
When considering this intentionally directed flow of information, it is apparent that it is almost the same concept of information flow between various aspects of the individual mind that is constantly occurring. However, in this instance, the information is intended to be received by conscious self, we are aware of it entering our consciousness and realise its significance. We have never been taught to differentiate between thoughts/ideas that are the mental dialogue and narrative that conscious self generates as a constant
repertoire of information flow (the now, being ‘in the moment’). The primary focus of our attention and awareness, usually a combination of one or more sensory inputs to the brain, or maybe daydreaming, and those thoughts and ideas originating from within deeper aspects of our Mind and they are projected into our consciousness for a reason.
Some of these mental ‘projection’ messages come from the subconscious and we consider them aspects of conscious self and part of who we are. Sometimes we defend them with gusto to justify who and why we do things, what we like and dislike…they are states of mind resulting from our past experience and behaviour programmes we have either instilled in ourself or had instilled in us.
Within this definition of Intuition, arrival of the information is unexpected and interrupts the conscious flow of “now” information being processed. It is an ‘Archimedes’ moment of ‘eureka’
If ones attention is focused on solving a problem, various aspects/areas of the Mind are recruited to focus and solve the problem. It is ordered and directed by Will.
Will is a non dimensional phenomenon of Mind. It directs and carries the information flow according to ‘intention’ and ‘decisions’ made within strata of the unconscious mind. It can manifest as physical action in the dimensional realm.
You can try to lift your arm using the Power of Will. Let your arm hang down and try and move it using the power of your Mind. It does not move. Consciously and dimensionally intending an action with the physical body proves fruitless. Your arm will move, as do any movements of the physical body, through the action of unconscious Will. Focus on this and you will begin to perceive and experience the subtle yet powerful process of Will.
Will is directly related to Free Will. The Mind will choose to perform actions according to its past experiences recorded as memory. It has established preferences, established through time and experience, recorded non dimensionally. The memory of
SpiritMind and SoulMind are not the same. SpiritMind stores memory of experience specific to the incarnation that generates SpiritMind. SoulMind is deeper and memories stored relate back to the beginning of life forms originating on the planet and even before that.
Mind learns to make more efficient choices.
We have all been so psychologically conditioned, indoctrinated, programmed and brainwashed with misinformation that it is not easy to remove these layers of dysfunction that cloud our perception and understanding of Self, who we are, what we are and why we do what we do.
Discussing Free Will is complex and not easy. It really requires a deep level of understanding of the processes occurring within the development and growth of an individual and the information/education that the individual experiences.
It also requires an acceptable definition of Freedom and being Free…. Cause and Effect and First Causes…..So not really appropriate for this particular Work.
Internalisation .
Often confused with rationale, it is the mental processing of sensory information, it occurs within conscious self and is very much at the effect of sub conscious established programmes and agendas, as opposed to rationalisation which is a deeper level of mental processing of information based on understanding and established a priori truths. Internalisation is the constant narrative that conscious mind experiences in the now…
Another very important distinguishing factor is that internalisation involves the individual’s “worldview” which greatly influences how the information is interpreted and understood. The less understanding Mind is more at the effect of its worldview, which is itself less coherent (less in tune with) and more misunderstanding of the world it lives in. The more simple the mind the less it generally
understands. The subconscious mind likes to maintain the status quo of previously learnt behaviour programmes.
Vocabulary is a most important tool for understanding. The less the vocabulary the more limited the process of understanding will be. A larger vocabulary enables the mind to understand (and hence describe) more things in more detail.
Eg. The car works because it has an engine. This is a simple statement. You may know that the engine has pistons and they are involved with the production of movement. A detailed vocabulary of the engine and all its working parts is virtually necessary to fully understand how it works…and then you only know how the engine produces power and can account for movements within the engine. It does not explain how the car moves. Combustion, motion, momentum, force, friction, transfer of energy etc….A greater vocabulary usually facilitates greater understanding. Notwithstanding, some understanding does occur on a mental level and requires no vocabulary.
A most reasonable and rational explanation of Existence. Using the information available from the science and maths of today. The rest of this work is a more detailed explanation of what follows.
Leibnitz used the term ‘Monads’ to define the First Causes from which an understanding of Existence itself can arise and develop. They are outside the dimensional realm of Spacetime and physical matter which manifested from a Singularity, by current scientific calculation, around 14.5 billion years ago. The non dimensional realm of Monads pre-existed the Big Bang and were the cause of it.
They continuously produce all the energy that exists in the Universe. The Universe, within my understanding, is the combined existence of the dimensional and non dimensional realms. They are ‘separated’ by the concept of a form of barrier, it is called The Zero Point Field.
Monads generate the full complement of waveform frequencies that coherently and concordantly produce a (potentially harmonious) Universe. An act of asymmetry within this nondimensional mental realm manifested. The state of mental perfection that can be regarded as the Mind of God caused the Big Bang to occur. The sum total of all individual monads, (which Leibnitz also referred to unofficially, as Souls), having achieved their own Omega Point of Success, Total Enlightenment , manifested The Mind of God (for want of a better term). It has taken an Aeon for this situation to come about. Each separate monad has been on its own journey, to regain full symmetry, ie a total balance of all the energy /information inherent in its form. Monads certainly do not all achieve this endpoint in concert with each other. Each MonadicSoul is on its own ‘journey’ and its journey from unconscious to full and complete consciousness results in it achieving ‘godhead’ (total symmetry) within itself. It is now a constituent part of what will become The Mind of God.
When all MonadicSouls achieve this state, (which is the purpose of their individual journey, godhead) the Mind of God comes into existence and is Existence. It knows and understands everything, it is everything, all knowing, and it will manifest an act of Asymmetry which will, by mathematical certainty, affect each and every separate MonadicSoul.
The energy forces released by this destabilising act of asymmetry, within the nondimensional realm of waveform energy frequencies, manifest the Big Bang. Energies are released, and the immense forces generated, condense a lot of those waveform energies into relatively solid bodies which not only have mass but also generate their own fields of energy. They form and constitute the dimensional realm of existence, ie SpaceTime and the physical cosmos. The dimensional realm is separated from the non dimensional realm by the zero point field. It contains the higher energy frequencies, keeping them within the non dimensional realm and it, the zero point field, is a stronger force than these high frequency waveform energies and thus resists and stops their passage through it.
We see what happens when this barrier is momentarily ruptured by an atomic explosion… In my estimation, not a good idea…….allegedly before the first one was given the go ahead, it was feasible that it could have ended the physical world as we know it.
Lower energy frequencies can pass through the zero point field. The zero point being one step beyond the infinitely small realm of measurement. Measurement is dimensional, Liebnitz’s mind apparently went down to this point, in that he brought us calculus, as it is understood to this day. A tool for measuring the incredibly small, enabling subsequent mathematicians to calculate and eventually predict the quantum realm. Quantum Physics challenged Isaac Newton’s clockwork dimensional scientific paradigm that became a ‘certainty’ during the nineteenth century. Despite the role of mind being taken out of the equation, paradigms are mental, not physical.
From 14.5 billion years ago when SpaceTime started, until 4.5 billion years ago when the planet we live on materialised, the non dimensional realm of MonadicSouls had, via a dialectical process, manifested the concept of Mind. Each MonadicSoul, producing frequencies represented by Euler’s Formula, defining the unit circle, the basal point of frequency production. Each individual frequency, separated from the next by a unit of non dimensional ‘measurement’ [possibly corresponding to Planks Constant], emanates from this central MonadicSoul. The nondimensional realm is a Plenum, completely filled with this infinite number of monads. Each one generating a full range of frequencies and each one interfacing with the monads in their immediate proximity. This mathematical pattern can be represented by The Flower of Life. The centre of each ‘flower’ representing a MonadicSoul. This is within a realm, outside Spacetime, beyond our conception and comprehension. However, our mind is able to rationalise the theoretical consideration of its existence. It should be able to, it is striving to recognise and understand itself. It is on a mission, a self solving equation that is represented by ‘the Journey of the Soul’.
The resultant waveform frequencies interact with each other according to the inherent information that is the flowing point that determines the waveform. A simple sentence, an amazing concept.
The waveform, whatever frequency it is, follows a defined continuous path, that path is defined by the flowing point at the ‘head’ of the waveform frequency. The flowing point is a bundle of information that defines the path it will follow. It is perpetual motion.
The wave/flowing point continues until it interacts with another bundle of information. The type of information determines and defines the interaction. Some waveforms will not interact because, as with like poles of a magnet or indentical electrical charges, they repel each other. Others interact in a dialectical manner determined by the inherent information. Assigning
numbers to each individually different frequency is the basis of Pythagoras’s statement that “all things are numbers”. It accounts for the mathematical basis for analysing and understanding the world we live in. Numbers are dimensional representations of non dimensional phenomena. Mathematics in the language of the Universe, it is the tool used to dissect and understand its inner workings.
Non dimensionally, there are, initially, flowing points interacting in simple mathematical patterns. Information is either exchanged between the flowing points or it isn’t. Subsequent interaction becomes more complex. Dimensional activity has corresponding non dimensional activity. Not all non dimensional activity has corresponding dimensional activity, as I understand things although I could be wrong on that point. Non dimensional activity it entirely mental and cannot, by definition be physical. The human mind is mental not physical, it is not just a manifestation within the brain as this work will demonstrate, should you not already realise that to be true. A single frequency, its path defined mentalły, can be visualised with our human mind (purely to develop an understanding of what it is) as being a one dimensional flowing point. A bundle of energy/information defining itself. Its path, the frequency it traces, is non dimensional.
When we examine frequencies dimensionally we can assign ‘phase shift’ to them. Phase shift enables a two dimensional wave to create the concept of the third dimension. The one dimensional point is the smallest possible thing in dimensional reality. The two dimensional line, connecting two points, when extended to infinity becomes a circle. Circles and other geometrical shapes have a dimensional structural form and their areas can be calculated. Add phase shift to a circle and you can create a sphere. Phase shift in the dimensional realm enables the third dimension to be perceived and volume to be calculated.
Non dimensionally, information produces forms, dimensionally it produces shapes. Structure is inherent in both form and shape, in
the former it flows and in the latter it is a combination of fixed locations in SpaceTime.
Non dimensional information inherent in the flowing points dictate its interaction with other flowing points. An increased complexity of interaction occurs, following defined paths, simple mathematical activity becomes more complex. Two flowing points interact in a dialectical manner, that is why the dialectic is such a useful tool, facilitating an understanding of the nature of mind. Their interaction produces another new packet(s) of information, a new flowing point, a frequency waveform that will continue on its new path to interact with other flowing points it comes into contact with. Frequency A interacts with Frequency B to produce Frequency C.
Alternatively, two flowing points interacting may produce two or more subsequent ‘points of information’, additive and/or subtractive resultant forms. Frequency C interacts with Frequency D to produce Frequencies A, C and E…. The complexity continues because they are flowing points, perpetual motion within the non dimensional Monadic realm. Then more complex interaction occurs, more complex patterns, and more complex mathematical formula can be assigned to them. Functions, algorithms and more. All following set, defined, determined, dictated pathways. These more complex waveform frequencies are more complex packets of information. They interact with other frequencies…increasing complexity accordingly. ‘If statements’ manifest. If this frequency interacts with that frequency then a certain outcome will arise. So very many if statements…predetermined by the preceding interactions/activity. It is intelligence within itself. Certainty of result of interaction of information with other information. Predictable mathematical certainties. Absolute Truths in a realm that exists outside our comprehension of the infinitely small. This hyper complex form of information exchange and its outcomes is the basis of intelligence, it is within and manifests from the potential of the MonadicSoul.
Eventually a form of intelligence manifests that one can comprehend and relate to, it is the concept of a mind manifesting and emanating from within the MonadicSoul. The MonadicSoulMind has manifested. It is ‘outside’ the MonadicSoul. Its inherent intelligence a mathematical certainty. Information arising from within itself has created the hyper concept of an intelligent entity that we call Mind.
It was, at that point in dimensional time, Mind, per se, is still totally contained within the nondimensional realm. Although some individual frequencies can always pass through the zero point field, possibly in both directions, dimensional reality in the evolving cosmos has probably not yet begun the formation of planet earth. However, mind was evolving its potential complexity of structural form….
When planet Earth eventually formed, it was the product of condensing physical particles bound together by physical forces and gravity, producing the constituent elements that planet Earth is comprised of. These elements are defined by the Periodic Table, and Chemistry is the science that defines and analyses their interaction. More than one hundred elements, all having a unique atomic structure of their own…(whatever that is, for it changes in concept and theory with time). If and when the individual atoms of these elements combine with other elemental atoms, molecules are formed. These molecules are large enough to have three dimensional structure. Some of these molecules are detected by our physical senses which perceive and respond accordingly.
Conditions on planet earth three billion years ago were still pretty harsh and physical forces were causing a wide variety of molecules to manifest. These conditions have been replicated in the laboratory by scientists attempting to demonstrate how DNA first appeared on this planet. Scientists have attempted to recreate the primordial soup that enabled life to manifest. Abiogenesis is the term used to define formation of the beginning of life as we know it. These scientists can create various Nucleic Acids
(vNAs), when replicating these primordial conditions, but DNA is beyond their ken to date.
Here is my take on the matter.
Organic carbon molecules with their inherent hexagonal structural shape enabled nucleic acids to subsequently form. The carbon ring is a stable happy state for carbon atoms to form. Within these hexagonal structures microvortices can manifest.
A vortex, represented in the pattern that galaxies form, also macroscopically as whirlwinds or tornadoes, exhibit downward gravitational energy forces and which also have opposing energy forces that can lift houses and rip trees out of the ground. A vortex is a two way flow of energy.
If one considers that that form of energy that is the tornado, are waveform frequencies in huge numbers with their associated forcefields manifesting in the macroscopic physical environment. Then consider also, that they can also manifest microscopically within the molecular environment. This energy/information also flows in opposing directions. A micro vortex generated within a hexagonal molecule by its inherent shape and associated force fields, can, especially if it is in a liquid medium, can ‘catch’ waveform frequencies within that medium and move them in opposing directions accordingly. The liquid medium of choice on planet earth is water.
Individual units of Light, as we know it, are defined as photons. Massless, complex packets of energy/information. When they hit leaves, for example, most of the energy/information is absorbed and used by the cells, the rest is not absorbed and bounces off as reflected energy. This reflected energy is a bundle of waveform frequencies of energy/information that can enter the human eye. Specialised receptors in the wall within the eye respond to these wavelengths of energy and the information is relayed to the brain via the Optic Nerve.. The nerve cells also relay the information to the mind through the DNA, and what we see, what the mind ‘sees’, we define in the English language, as the colour green.
Traditional water diviners were people with a skill handed down and respected within local communities that depended on the accurate locating of underground water sources. Digging a well to access the water is time and energy consuming. Is there a part of the brain that we can be sure of, that is controlling this natural ability of the Water Diviner? When I was having a house built in rural Spain, I came across such an individual.
His brain/mind enabled him to not only place a stone on the ground, marking the location of where to dig, but also for him to stand 20 metres or more away from that point with his back towards it. Then, when my friend irregularly walked around that area, the diviner was able to shout out and tell him, most accurately, when he was standing at the marker stone. Define Divine. Frequency waveform interaction is defined by its inherent energy/information, mind is an entity that responds to waveform information. The Water Diviner has a mental skill. Mind is Divine.
I digress….
Photons hit water, a rainbow of colours can be seen, same as if they pass through a pyramid shaped piece of glass. (Dark Side of the Moon album cover, by Pink Floyd). To put it another way, a complex packet of energy/information interacts with a molecular medium, water, and is broken up into smaller bundles of information. A super complex waveform is deconstructed into smaller units, smaller frequencies, some of which are then caught in the micro vortex within hexagonal molecular structures within the water [nucleic acids]. They are caught up in the vortical forcefields and the velocity of those forced downward, proportionally increases as the basal point of the vortex is approached. The basal point of these microvortices can find zero points in the same manner as a leach, placed on the body will locate an acupuncture point. [That is one of, if not the main reason that leaches were used medicinally so long ago in the past in Europe and are still used today in Russia. ….They know where to go…].
The information waveform frequency passing through the zero point enters the non dimensional realm of MonadicSoulMinds. A new source of information external to the inner workings of the Minds is introduced to them. Previously they have only used their internal information source to manifest their intelligence and understanding. The channel formed by the vortex [a portal] is two way, information can be ‘sucked up’ from the non dimensional realm. Crystal structures also facilitate the flow of energy from the non dimensional realm into the physical world. Nucleic acid structures enable and provide a two way flow of information exchange. A Monadic SoulMind, using its inherent intelligence can harness this channel and send information back through it. What sufficient reason is there to not consider this feasible? The evolution of Understanding has taken a quantum leap.
If this MonadicSoulMind sends a unit of information back to the molecular structure than originally communicated with it, what will happen next? Albeit that this initial communication is determined and resulting from the Laws of Physics on planet earth and a two way energy portal, created by the physical molecular structure. What will happen next?. Curiosity and intrigue, the basis of experimental science is a manifestation of our mind. Subsequent communication will continue if possible with Mind sending information back through the portal. What will stop the two way flow of information? Destruction of the Molecule and/or its watery environment. Evaporation and the total loss of water is one consideration.
Also on the surface of planet earth in the chemical soup that the Laws of Physics and Chemistry combine to create, are molecular structures defined as Lipids (Fats and oils). A lipid film on the surface of water can, in certain conditions, encapsulate, especially if the water present reduces in volume, and following the laws of physics, a spherical shape is formed. Should this encapsulation trap a nucleic acid (NA) within its spherical form then a structure now exists that has an outer lipid layer containing a vNA inside it.
It is the most primal ‘cell body’ one can imagine. The ‘Precell’, a precursor to the first single cells that we know and love today.
Physical environmental conditions can cause rupture and ‘death’ of this structure. The SoulMind loses it machine to communicate with, it loses its opportunity to collect more information from the dimensional realm. It wants to understand more, it ‘misses’ this new found friend. Another opportunity arises from another Precell. If conditions favoured the creation of one such entity, what sufficient reason is there consider that many such bodies won’t also exist. By slow trial and error, (akin to Lamarckian evolution) a process of designing, engineering and building a specialised NA occurs. The intention is to create and to produce a molecule that can withstand environmental forces that hitherto destroyed previous NA structural forms created by the SoulMind. Eventually a robust vNA that ‘ticked all the boxes’ was formed….a deoxyriboNA. DNA was now available on planet earth. Life manifested, by Life I refer to the two way information flow between the complex molecular structure, that primal cell body, and the hyper complex SoulMind that engineered the physical matter and designed structures to sustain its physical existence.. Mind and Matter in Concert…
Sounds like a rock band on tour….
To date it is irrational to consider that physical molecular structures designed, engineered and built Mind…however, let’s have conventional scientists present such an explanation for consideration…..
SoulMinds share information, some call it The Collective Consciousness.
Sequences of DNA can be removed from a 50 million year old fossil and it still does ‘what it says on the label’. The protein it codes for can be constructed from the genetic information. Genes build proteins and also convey inter dimensional energy exchange. DNA, a seriously sturdy physical structure, add water and we have a two way communication machine enabling information to pass to and fro between the two dimensional
realms. Information feedback loops are established, awareness is defined and develops accordingly.
Maybe other molecular structures were also captured within this act of encapsulation and they evolved to become organelles within the cell body performing tasks to attempt to ensure its maintained existence. Maybe they were engineered by Mind, maybe both….We can but speculate as to what was happening with these primal life forms at that stage in time.
Two Nucleic Acids increased the information exchanged between Mind and Precell accordingly. Two DNA molecules are better than one. Two minds are better than one. As above so below. Apply a developing intelligent control of these processes evolving over billions of years and the most simple cells (prokaryotic) with free floating DNA will manifest. They were probably on this planet 2 billion years ago.
Some of these evolving structures did not need an outer lipid layer that acts as an outer casing, protecting the contents from the physical world beyond it. Viruses contain the same DNA molecules (called Bases) as the most primitive simple single cells we find on the planet today. Single cells needed to be aware of their environment in order to survive the developing competitive and harsh environments they found themselves in which included the subsequent appearance of viruses. In this theatre, performance determined survival…..or not…
The rest is history, or Biology, biological evolution, to be more precise. With a mental evolution paralleling the physical evolution.
Hence Mindism…….it is maths, science and philosophy combining to explain the ‘religious’ experience, Spirit manifesting as Life and Life manifesting as Spirit, ultimately everything we experience is a manifestation of Mind. And Mind is a manifestation of the activity of the post Big Bang asymmetrical Monadic Soul.
By definition, explanation is not really possible without words. Complex sounds originally projected by a voice and subsequently put into symbolic shapes, letters and words. It requires understanding to assign meaning to words, thoughts, ideas, and simple concepts. An increasingly deeper level of understanding is required to grasp complex concepts and abstract hyper concepts necessary to comprehend the True Nature of Existence.
Understanding, paralleling the evolution of Mind (and bodies) evolves in ‘layers’.
Single cell organisms existing before multicellular organisms. Multicellular organisms existing before cell differentiation was possible. Cell differentiation giving rise to individual organs within the evolving multicellular structures.
To understand algebra we have to understand addition and subtraction. To understand how to control and maintain the life in a multicellular structure it was necessary for SoulMind to first learn and understand how to develop control mechanisms within the single cell. Mind subsequently manifested a complex information storage system (memory) to access and refer to, enabling more efficient decision making processes to evolve. Hyper complex versions of if/then statements. More complex modus operandi developed more complex organisms. A process occurring over an immense period of time, maybe more than 2 billion years…They have corresponding structural forms on both sides of the bi-dimensional realm of existence. Larger multicellular organisms, plants, trees and animals, manifested minds that we can consider to be the spirit counterpart of the physical body. SpiritMind manifested. It interfaces between the physical body above to the SoulMind below.
The only immortal aspect of this entire explanation is the MonadicSoul. Everything in existence manifesting from the MonadicSoul Collective. The Monadic Collective is the Non Dimensional Realm of Existence.
I am human, I have a physical existence, my body will die, my memories will continue for as long as they remain impressions recorded in the memory of my SpiritMind. When the SoulMind has no further need of them, it will have gleaned all possible understanding from them, it will relinquish their existence. When the MonadicSoul has gleaned all the possible understanding from its SoulMind it has fulfilled its purpose, it is fully Conscious, (or whatever words or symbols you choose to use to define this ultimate state of mind, eg omega or godhead). Then the MonadicSoul has no need to reincarnate through another life form……it relinquishes its SoulMind with the death of its final incarnation, transformed , sort of like the butterfly from the chrysalis, it is at one with itself, fully Enlightened, totally Illuminated, total symmetry has been regained, total harmony, totality within itself. It can now share information with other less evolved, less journeyed Souls with their SoulMinds attached, it can facilitate their Journey…
It is not a race, it is not a game, there are no winners and losers, the mental process occurs non dimensionally, outside Spacetime….this is the story and an explanation of existence. Herein is more information to facilitate your understanding…..
After the Big Bang, Mind starts to form ‘around’ each Monad/Soul as a natural sequence of Waveform Frequencies interacting with each other. This interaction occurs because the Pure Symmetry of the Enlightened Soul has been broken by an ‘Act of God’, an ‘Act from within the Fully Enlightened Soul’. The interaction continues and manifests what we have come to describe as ‘Intelligence’. The paths and patterns of information flow are dialectic in their making, ie. one frequency interacts with another one to produce an outcome… and that outcome will always be the same when that specific frequency interacts with another specific frequency. These then ‘predictable’ paths and patterns occurring non dimensionally in a realm beyond ‘small’, build up, to enable predictable outcomes to eventually be realized by this evolving intelligent entity which we call Mind.
As this evolution continues, the ‘realisation’ becomes a form of Comprehension and Understanding manifests within this Mind which itself is an extension of the Monad/Soul. The Monadic Soul is manifesting Mind, a Monadic Soul Mind, [MSM] specific to the individual Monad.
Eventually this MSM receives information from a source outside the Non Dimensional Realm, the Non Dimensional Realm is itself a Plenum, it is entirely comprised of the totality of all Monads, ie. the Monadic Collective. This external source of information is then investigated, engaged and recruited by the MSM. The DNA molecule is engineered and evolution within the Dimensional Realm has started. The first changes would have been evolutionary, slow and gradual change over time.
Eventually, after a couple of billion years, complex cell bodies have evolved, initially powered by the energy/information coming from the MSM. Subsequently, energy sources within the Dimensional Realm are recruited to enhance cellular activity, because dimensional forces are quite different and ‘stronger’ than non dimensional forces. The incorporation of Mitochondria into the eukaryotic cell was a ‘threshold’ moment… this huge increase in energy production within the cell is probably the single most important factor that enabled multi cellular organisms to manifest.
Within less than half a billion years, complex multicellular organisms appeared on the planet and this increased complexity of physical, dimensional, structure produced a corresponding increase in complexity of the Monadic Soul Mind. [MSM}. Eventually a point was reached when the most primitive form of Spirit Mind manifested, it was significantly different to the MSM because the MSM has the aspect of immortality, it preexisted the cell body and when the cell body died the MSM continued its ‘journey’. Spirit Mind is specifically connected to and manifests from a single incarnation of physical existence. The MSM evolved the single cell, SpiritMind enabled the individual organism to evolve ‘a mind of its own’
Genetic variation enhanced survival chances in changing environmental conditions. The appearance of ‘sexual’ differences, ie. male and female variations of form, was originally for the purpose of further enhancing and increasing genetic variation. Mind manifested male and female, hundreds of millions of years ago… it is something to bear in mind….Increased variation, more complex bodies and more complex mind.
It required a mind specific to the physical body to ensure its survival in the physical realm. Multicellular organisms evolved eyes, [eyespots are found on single cell organisms] and other senses developed. Seeing facilitated the manifestation of Spirit Mind, there was more to be remembered and it was beneficial for the organism to remember and respond to some stimuli without disturbing the MSM too much… complex cells and simple multicellular organisms require massive organizational control. The evolution of sensory apparatus, smell, hearing, touch, temperature control etc., further enhanced complexity of the organism. Part of the role of the MSM is maintaining cell metabolism and it is most important for the MSM to keep its connection with the cellular machinery that protects and maintains DNA function. Control and monitoring the internal environment was more important and more ‘easy’ than controlling the external environment. As organisms became larger this statement was challenged. Sensory input facilitated survival… neurons evolved, brains appeared and SpiritMind could start to create the concept of Spirit Self…
So Spirit Mind developed to handle a lot of the workings of the daily activity of this more complex organism, plants have become quite complex, animals have
evolved, limbs have evolved , a more complex form of control and storage of information is necessary for maximum efficiency to be maintained…. So, for the sake of discussion, definition and quite possibly, truth, Spirit Mind is now a real manifestation and becoming separate from, albeit intimately connected to the MSM. Spirit Mind is specific to the individual organism and its life time. When the body dies, the Spirit Mind loses its connection to it but, being non dimensional and an emanation of the MSM it does not dissipate with the death of the physical body… why should it?
The MSM, is now looking for another cell body to connect to… it picks up signals from the Dimensional Realm, it can recognize the signal of a fertilized egg ready to receive connection with a MSM to continue the ‘Journey of the Soul’.
Another incarnation starts, the MSM is still connected to its previous Spirit Life Memory [SLM], as well as earlier SLMs, however, its focus is on the new life incarnation that it has connected to… how previous Spirit Life Memory can affect the present incarnation is a philosophical discussion for Part 2…
Below is an attempt to represent the development of Soul/Monad from its pristine symmetric form becoming asymmmetric and slowly evolving a form of intelligence/mind from the information outflowing from the Monad/Soul.
The Monadic Soul Mind then becomes more complex and eventually connects to physical molecular structures in the dimensional realm. Its complexity further increases unt