Making Mind Matter

A non technical version…

Bringing Mind back into the conversation…… Do you think you have a mind of your own? Do you think that intelligence is within your mind? Do you think that your memory is somehow connected with how your mind works? For me, the answer to all three questions is absolutely yes. However, convention and science have removed Mind from the arena of explanation and understanding of human behaviour and it is now time to bring Mind back to the forefront. It is the centre of decision making processes and recognising its existence enables a complete explanation and understanding of all things to emerge. This work is an attempt to begin to define and present a structural form for mind that enables us to visualise it’s true mental activities. Making Mind Matter….. Have you ever thought about what came first, mind or brain? Have you ever thought about what came first the chicken or the egg? For me, not only have I thought about this, l come to an obvious conclusion. I have made a decision which, ultimately I have to be prepared to re evaluate why I came to that conclusion. If I am presented with information that suggests that there is sufficient reason to consider to change my mind then l have to review the new information and be prepared to change my mind. That I am quite sure of the answer should not allow me to close my mind on the matter. I must be prepared to reconsider and question my certainty when sufficient reason demands it. This is how I regard an ‘open mind’ operates. It is open to new ideas and new information that may challenge an already accepted understanding. The individual mind has a particular point of view on any matter. How well informed are we on most matters? Where does the information come from that enables us to have a point of view and make decisions accordingly? Until we are at least teenagers we
tend not to even think about this, and by that time we already have a mass of opinions and points of view about the world we are growing up into…. Where does the information come from that has enabled us to form these opinions and make decisions? For most of us it is foremost our parents and then media sources such as the TV and, when we have learnt to read, books, newspapers and magazines. Our friends and extended family provide us with information, and more recently, so does the Internet. Convention dictates that all this information is somehow processed in the brain. Decision making is somehow achieved by the DNA or some other aspect of activity within the living cells of our brain. However, no detailed explanation is offered, not even a partial constructive explanation of how this happens is suggested. Mindism offers that explanation, and within that, it is becomes obvious that it is not the brain that processes information, it is the mind. In order to understand how that can be, one has to at least consider that information is processed mentally and not physically. The mind is a mental construct and the brain is a physical construct. The eyes cannot see the mind but they can see the brain. The eyes collect information from the physical world we live in and that information is sent to the brain. This non technical explanation does not include biological and scientific detail, just sufficient information for most people to understand and consider what is implied by the explanation presented. It is not simple, however it is directed at the non technical level of understanding. Most people have not had the opportunity of receiving a broad based academic education that should facilitate the constructive processing of information. Learning to analyse and debate requires a good vocabulary and developed reading skills within an academic environment that supports intellectual development. Consider, suggest, correct and continue….repeat. Unfortunately that eliminates most ordinary schools from the list of possibilities. Generally it is the private education system that teaches a more academic and intellectual approach to learning, analysing and interpreting data. However, I start to digress. We are all familiar with the term ‘mind and matter’. This is called Cartesian Duality, after the man who presented it to us, a Frenchman called Descartes. He lived well before Isaac Newton who, it is alleged took ‘mind’ out of the equation, leaving us with only the realm of matter to explain all things that we experience. Science developed from the late 1700’s and as it ‘grew’ it displaced the concept of ‘mind’ until by the early 20th physical realm of existence was just about all there was to see. The denouncement of Mesmer and hypnotism being just one example of many. So where did Mind go?
If you have one, then so does everyone, and so it has always been there even if mental activity is not talked about. Today, you will rarely hear academics using the term ‘Mind’ to help describe the process of life, behaviour and the workings and control of brain and body. Scientists have conducted enough experiments to prove that memory is not located within the cells of the brain even though those cells have access to the information stored within the memory. It is reasonable to at least consider that the processing of information is within the mind and that begs the question, where is the mind if it is not within the brain? Many highly qualified scientists will tell you that it is non local, that means that it is not within the physical make up of the brain or body. Many scientists will tell you that it is within the brain and body but we don’t know where and cannot yet understand enough to be sure. That means that scientific experiment cannot prove its location, and yet, experiment does not actually prove anything. Proof is a mathematical term that means that there is 100% truth and certainty. Experiments produce evidence which is subsequently analysed to suggest reasons that explain the evidence. There is always uncertainty with scientific theories and accepted truths. These truths and theories are accepted until they are disproved and most scientific theories have been disproved. Such that those present today have to be regarded with an element of scepticism, if they will be disproved then how much time and energy has been misused subsequent to the theory being accepted and promoted by convention. On the other hand, when a mathematical proof is reached, it will stand the test of time because it is mathematical, and hence not in the realm of time and space. This is one of the basic principles of Mindism. We exist in two realms simultaneously. One is the realm of Space/Time, a material, physical and empirically measurable realm of existence, the other is the realm of Waveform Frequencies, a mental realm of dynamic energy and information, outside of Space/Time. Existence outside SpaceTime is itself a difficult concept to begin to try to comprehend. However, there is sufficient information presented to us to suggest that such a realm exists and that once one starts to seriously consider its existence, it becomes more and more apparent to the open mind that it may well be a certainty. From Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle and other ancient philosophers, this concept of Cartesian Duality has been proffered as an explanation as to why we experience life as we do. Two thousand years ago they did not have the mathematics to prove their ideas, today we do have. I am no mathematician but I can see how the numbers work and Mindism is constructed on a mathematical foundation. It is not clever to build our ideas on sand and uncertainty, concrete foundations support complex structures and I have slowly incorporated information from highly reputable sources, i.e. great minds respected for their ideas, inventions and intellect. The last 250 years
have provided mathematical and scientific insights into the ‘what is life?’ and other basic philosophical questions, integrate them into the equation and certain considerations become likelihood sand certainties. Anyone can dispute anything if they want to, however, the rational mind can separate the wheat from the chaff, the rational mind understands on a level of intuition and one does not have to go to university to develop a rational mind. It is not really there in childhood, although some children appear to demonstrate a greater ability to understand more quickly than other children. That is because their mind is different to the next one, all individual minds function at different levels of understanding and varying rates of efficiency, why? Mindism provides the answer. First consider the possibility of two realms of existence. Mind and Matter, then consider how there can be communication between these realms. The answer is best seen in the molecule we call DNA. Without DNA there is no life on this planet, that suggested to me that DNA was intrinsic in the manifestation of life as we know, define and understand it. DNA enables mind to communicate with matter. Obviously this is on the one hand, not a simple straightforward thing to understand, but on the other hand, it can be. Within the DNA molecule microvortices facilitate the flow of information from within the cell body to the realm of Mind. The vortex creates a two way channel the same as you can see macroscopically with your own eyes. A tornado is a giant vortex that sends energy and objects caught within that flow of energy in a downward direction. At the same time, trees, houses and whatever is caught in the upward flow of energy are lifted off the ground effortlessly. Mindism asserts and explains that energy is synonymous with information, two words to describe different aspects of the same thing. All energy manifests as waveform frequencies. The waveform is the residual tail of a flowing point. It is not, as convention would want you to believe, sometimes a particle and sometimes a wave. Scientific experiment demonstrates that the building blocks of everything are waves. Other experiments show that they are particles, how can they be both? Apply the dialectic and understanding increases. Hegel, a German philosopher, showed that thesis and antithesis combine to produce a synthesis of the two original ideas. The ‘wave’ thesis and the ‘particle’ antithesis, produce a synthesis which is the flowing point. Nothing is stationary in the universe. The flowing point traces a waveform path. Mindism states that the flowing point is a bundle of information that determines and dictates the form and pattern of flow. The inherent information that is the ‘point’ and defines its course, includes the height of the wave (amplitude), the distance between each peek of the wave (wavelength), how many waves in a unit of distance (frequency) of the wave and also the potential angle of flow (phase shift). No doubt there is a lot more information
inherent within the ‘point’ such as ‘electrical charge’, but, as of yet, we are not informed of such possibility. So, to recap, there are two realms of existence, mind and matter, which in this work are referred to as the material physical realm of Dimensional Existence and the non physical mental realm of waveform frequencies, the Non Dimensional realm of mind. Physical matter and everything dimensional can be measured and has aspects of solidness and mass and are at the affect of SpaceTime. Waveform frequencies are outside Spacetime and their existence have to be rationally accepted because they have no physical properties and the mathematical and quantum scientific evidence points to their existence. DNA is a molecular machine that enables information to flow between both realms of existence. A two way flow of information, a feedback mechanism between the individual mind and the physical cell body that it is connected to. This process emerged probably around three billion years ago with Mind converting existing Nucleic acids in the primordial soup on the planet’s surface. The Nucleic acids were structurally manipulated atom by atom over a period of time until the stable molecular structure of DeoxyriboNucleic Acid (DNA) was formed. DNA was the molecule of choice that gave Mind the opportunity to maximise efficiency of information exchange between the two realms. The time scale involved was immense. Which brings us to the next thing to consider that enables one mind to entertain the possibility that Mindism is a sound theory that will stand the test of time. Can you see any examples of life in action? What is life? Where is it found? We can see many examples of various life forms and classify them into groups and categories such as plants, vegetables, fish, reptiles and mammals. Multicellular organisms and single cell organisms are all forms of life but what is the life that forms them and how does it maintain the processes that are inherent in this definition of Life? To get to the heart of this matter one has to look inside the single cell of any living organism. All of the processes of life are ongoing are at the molecular level, that means that they occur as micro processes, beyond the ability of the human eye to detect. Understanding these processes requires an element of vocabulary and intellect. The basic European education system provides the potential for rationale to develop this understanding. We have to shrink our mind down to the scale where a molecule is a relatively large structure…. And some of these molecules move at phenomenally fast speeds virtually beyond our conceptualisation. Mindism is also built on the works of Godfried Liebnitz the German Polymath, scientist, philosopher and more. His unofficial Principle of Monadolgy is a cornerstone to Mindism because it provides a rational structural framework for most reasonable information to fit into which consequently provides a good
explanation of at least most things in existence. Liebnitz lived at the same time as Isaac Newton, but his works have not been bigged up like Isaac’s. Liebnitz’s Mind went down to a scale smaller than molecules, he developed the accepted version of calculus subsequently used by mathematicians to develop the theories of quantum physics and also tproduce a mathematical proof for reincarnation. Calculus deals with the infinitesimally small, it goes down to the zero point field and beyond. The zero point field, according to convention is the smallest point that one can get to in the dimensional realm. That may be true, however, convention denies the existence of the non dimensional realm, denial is not a healthy state of mind… Anyway…I digress…. Focussing on things much smaller than the eye can see enables one to develop the sense that if seeing is believing, then believing may be a self limiting state of mind. So, it becomes necessary to reconsider belief, which accepts things to be true without proof…. Believing can be self deceiving, true understanding requires a bit more than belief. However there is a misconception with regard to the word ‘belief’ in that when the mind focuses its intent it can manifest action in the dimensional realm. Some achievements are attained this way but conventionally people think they have such a belief in an idea that they can ‘make it happen’. They mistake belief for the mentally focussed intention of will. So, life is a process that predominantly occurs within the single cell, and when you look at the time that it took the single cell to evolve and become the highly efficient active state that is its existence today, you have to take in a deep breathe and think deeper. A billion years is 1000 million years. That is a superlong, beyond conceptualisation, length of time. To put it in perspective, large multicellular organisms that we can see with the naked eye have been evolving for around 500 million years…… That is half a billion years, for simple multicellular organisms to evolve into the species we see on the planet today. Yet, for the single cell to evolve to become the highly efficient intelligent life form that enabled multicellular organisms to subsequently evolve, it took around 2000 million years. Convention states everything is random in evolution. Mindism states that Mind is responsible for most changes that occur at the DNA level, nothing is random, it is most all intended. Intention is an aspect of Mind, intelligent design is inherent and part of the structural form and mental activity that is Mind. Single cell organisms have a relatively simple form of mind. Don’t be deceived, even at this level, the activity of Mind is exceptionally complex, why would it not be? It took a couple of billion years to evolve and reach the level of complexity that enabled multi cellar organisms to evolve. The most primal single cells were no more than a molecule or two of DNA encapsulated by a lipid film. Lipids are fats, cholesterol, the most numerous of molecules within the cell wall, is a lipid. Single
cell evolution was controlled by the mind that connected with that single cell. There would been plenty of minds connected to a variety of different single cells that were struggling to evolve and survive the competition and harsh environmental conditions they experienced. Four and a half billion years ago planet earth formed, prior to that the physical universe had been in existence for around ten billion years. That is more than ten billion years of Minds evolving intelligence within themselves. So that, by the time Nucleic acids appeared on planet earth, minds were already intelligent entities. . Mindism accepts Leibnitz’s definition of the monad as a generator continuously producing the full spectrum of waveform frequencies that manifest and constitute both dimensional and non dimensional existence. The total Monadic collective that constitute the non dimensional realm exist as a plenum. That means there are no gaps between each individual monad, they fit together perfectly and generate waveform frequencies accordingly. Mindism states that waveform frequencies interact dialectically. A specific frequency, when it interacts with another specific frequency will always produce the same outcome. Here we see the dialectic working at the level of First Causes (Liebnitz called monads First Causes and primary Existants). If there is an almost infinite number of waveform frequencies and we assign a number to each frequency then we can see why Pythagoras stated that all things are numbers. Frequencies interact mathematically. Frequency A, if it interacts with frequency B will always produce the same outcome. In simple terms, frequency 12 interacting with frequency 15 will produce frequency 27. However, the amount of information within a single flowing point/frequency is already complex. Frequency 12 may have subtlety different variations such as ‘positive’ charge (+), or right hand spin (R), then it can be assigned the number 12+R and when it interacts with frequency 15 it will produce three frequencies, frequency 4 plus frequency 17 and frequency 6, total energy produced is still the same energy outcome, 27. Every time that these two specific frequencies interact the outcome will be the same. This inevitably determined outcome is true for all frequency interaction and the variation in the number of frequencies interacting with different frequencies is immense. Consequently, because of the outcome being determined, and all subsequent outcomes follow accordingly, the concept we call ‘intelligence’ manifests. Intelligence manifests as a direct result of the activity of the Monad. Unofficially Liebnitz equated the monad with the Soul. Had he published this statement officially the Catholic Church would have killed him for being a heretic. They were difficult times for the rational mind. The monad/soul, as a result of the energy/information that it emanated, manifested the concept of Mind ‘around’ it. The predetermined outcome of the complex interaction of frequencies manifested intelligence, and these patterns of interaction would repeat as identical activity
surrounding different monads. The fundamental activity of mind and this developing intelligence is the same for all monads. The emanation of predictable patterns of activity is a mathematical certainty. The initial interaction of frequencies, which is the interaction of information with other information, is already not a simple concept. As this intelligence becomes more complex it is still predictable and determined, eventually it becomes a structural form, it is the earliest manifestation of mind that we can mentally visualise and comprehend. Now we have a monad/soul ‘surrounded’ by a field of predictable activity and outcomes. A mind field. Waveform frequencies are constantly passing throughout the total Monadic collective. All of this activity is nondimensional, outside Spacetime and well before planet earth was a twinkling in the Universe’s eye. The Monadic Soul Mind (MSM) had come into existence and each monad/soul had a different form of Mind developing ‘around’ it. Eventually some of these MSM’s would start to receive information from outside the Monadic collective, from molecular structures on planet earth, the information being ‘delivered’ by microvortices within the Nucleic acids and also aromatic carbon molecules which also have a hexagonal structure. Viktor Schauberger, a true genius, and his vortex theories enabled him to design and build engines that powered flying saucers. His book, Nature as my Teacher, is well worth a read. These microvortexes within the DNA molecules are presented diagrammatically as the Star of David. The triangles are two dimensional images of the vortex. The three dimensional version of the Star of David, in cabalistic terms, the Merkabah, is the chariot that God sits on. For me it is the visual representation of information exchange between the dimensional realm of matter and the non dimensional realm of mind. So, there we have the fundamental assertions of Mindism. A non dimensional Monadic collective manifesting and evolving intelligence and eventually connecting to molecules in the dimensional realm. The communication between the two, enabled simple single cells to develop and subsequently evolve, due to the information feedback loops that appeared a a matter of course. This feedback of information of the environment inside and outside these primal cells, enabled the concept of awareness to manifest in the mind. The mind of the monad, the Monadic/Soul Mind, expanded in accord with the development of the single cell. As evolution continues, more complex single cells and their activities eventually enabled multi cellular organisms to appear and evolve accordingly. Cell differentiation within these multicellular organisms enabled different groups of cells to perform different functions. The need to organise and control this developing complexity manifested a new aspect of mind. The SpiritMind. This is different to, although not disconnected from, the Monadic/Soul Mind. SpiritMind
overlies SoulMind and differs in that SoulMind primarily controls and regulates the single cell and SpiritMind manages the groups cells and coordinates their interaction. That enables the concept of Self to manifest within SpiritMind. Sufficient development of SpiritMind and Self and further complexity of the physical body connected to it, a time frame of around half a billion years, enabled the concept of Conscious Mind to appear in the more evolved species on the planet. Few creatures have Self Awareness and can recognise themselves in a mirror. Consciousness is a highly developed and evolved form of awareness, it is predominately human and is at the affect of vocabulary and understanding. Consciousness is at the reflective level of mental activity, it is an aspect of mind having knowledge of its own existence within a greater realm of existence. It manifests within the individual as the conscious mind, experiencing ‘the now’ and develops a sense of ‘self’ identity. That aspect of self is illusory and will die when the body dies, it is not as real as SpiritSelf. The journey of the soul is from ignorance to divinity, from alpha to omega, from unconscious to conscious or whatever terminology or symbology one wishes to use. The monad seeks to return to full symmetry, ie. total enlightenment, whereby it is now an individual God. Eventually all Monadic Soul Minds reach this point, the Soul sheds the mind as a matter of course and all its energy/information is within itself in perfect balance. When all individual souls have achieved godhead that is when the Mind of God manifests, and it will be an intention of this Mind that will cause the act of asymmetry that initiates the Big Bang causing all Monadic souls to lose energy and consciousness, the dimensional realm manifests and the cycle recommences and the ‘journey of the soul’ starts again. And the egg came before the chicken. In evolutionary terms, eggs were on this planet long before chickens…. No brainer….. Dreams take place subjectively within the individual mind, being awake takes place objectively within the collective mind, ie. The Monadic Collective. Our first 21 years or so as a human is primarily about mastering the subjective, our second 21 years or so is about mastering the objective. After we are 42 years old we are ready to start maturing and developing a more rational understanding of our experiences.