The house
2-Bedroom Ensuite Double-Storey House
From £60 per night per room Or £600 / week for the whole house

Beautifully decked out in antique and traditional Thai design, the house features two en-suite bedrooms and a lounge/living area. There is also a fully-stocked kitchen which includes a Smeg gas hob, an electric oven (a rarity on the island!), a fridge, all kitchen utensils and helpful appliances such as a blender, grinder, toaster and kettle.


A balcony wraps the house around the front, with an even larger balcony at the rear; a preferential location to hang out in the breezy, warm tropical atmosphere.


A moat encircles the house, keeping crawling creatures from entering the premises.


A communal plunge pool is available for use.

Short or long booking availiable
Very spacious
Fantastic accommodation with pool

Set at the entrance to the property, the original owner of this house was my old friend who introduced me to the island twenty years ago. It is made of old coconut wood, which gets harder as it gets older. We have refurbished the property by through dismantling, relocating, and resurrecting it, adding a gorgeous Indonesian-style feature of a part-open roof, which allows plants to grow and get watered when it rains.

The bungalow features a large fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, and both a ceiling fan and a mobile fan to adequately cool the entire area. The building also comes with a pair of residential geckos, if you’re lucky to see them, although they tend to scuttle away upon approach. If not, these creatures are nature’s best mosquitto repellents.

Hammocks and Thai cushions are also availabe for your leisurely use and, if you’re anything like us, you will devise plenty of excuses for not getting up off them.

We provide several bottles of water in the fridge as well as a large store of water containers next to the house, available for you to use as you please.

Rainwater that is collected from the roof is used for the water system in the bathroom for convenience.