The house
2-Bedroom Ensuite Double-Storey House
From £60 per night per room Or £600 / week for the whole house

Beautifully decked out in antique and traditional Thai design, the house features two en-suite bedrooms and a lounge/living area. There is also a fully-stocked kitchen which includes a Smeg gas hob, an electric oven (a rarity on the island!), a fridge, all kitchen utensils and helpful appliances such as a blender, grinder, toaster and kettle.


A balcony wraps the house around the front, with an even larger balcony at the rear; a preferential location to hang out in the breezy, warm tropical atmosphere.


A moat encircles the house, keeping crawling creatures from entering the premises.


A communal plunge pool is available for use.

Short or long booking availiable
Very spacious
Fantastic accommodation with pool