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Mindism – A synopsis

MINDISM a Synopsis Bringing Mind back into the conversation and producing a single unifying explanation of existence, how it manifests and why we experience it…… The physical bodies of animals including primates and other mammals have sense organs that collect information from their immediate environment which enables the individual to navigate through that environment and interact with it accordingly. Survival within that environment is probably the main reason for these senses to have evolved, sound, vision and for many species, smell, are most helpful in determining potential dangers and sources of food. Taste and touch are also important sources of information that is sent to the brain for processing. The major senses detect information from the external environment, we also have senses that collect information from the internal physical environment of the body, such as temperature, blood pressure, stretch receptors and pH regulation. We detect, light and movement, sounds, molecules in the air, wind, rain, temperature and other natural effects that the environment produces. The specialised receptors that have evolved to collect the information and send it to the brain, have evolved because the information was already out

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Mindism – A non-technical version

MINDISM Making Mind Matter A non technical version… Bringing Mind back into the conversation…… Do you think you have a mind of your own? Do you think that intelligence is within your mind? Do you think that your memory is somehow connected with how your mind works? For me, the answer to all three questions is absolutely yes. However, convention and science have removed Mind from the arena of explanation and understanding of human behaviour and it is now time to bring Mind back to the forefront. It is the centre of decision making processes and recognising its existence enables a complete explanation and understanding of all things to emerge. This work is an attempt to begin to define and present a structural form for mind that enables us to visualise it’s true mental activities. Making Mind Matter….. Have you ever thought about what came first, mind or brain? Have you ever thought about what came first the chicken or the egg? For me, not only have I thought about this, l come to an obvious conclusion. I have made a decision which, ultimately I have to be

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Mindism – An Overview

MINDISM an overview Making Mind Matter Bringing Mind back into the conversation and producing a single unifying explanation of existence, how it manifests and why we experience it…… This work is an attempt to get the reader to consider in greater depth that we exist within two realms of existence, Mind and Matter. Our mind is mental, and our body is physical. This work also outlines quite feasible scenarios enabling DNA to be engineered by intelligence inherent in Mind maybe 3 billion years ago or so. Also, for single cells to have manifested as a direct result of physical matter interacting with other physical matter, governed by the Laws of Physics, it is worth at least some consideration that there is not only intelligent design but also a purpose and reason for the apparent evolutionary development that ensued. All physical interaction is measurable and is by definition, dimensional. Information/energy cannot be directly measured, it has to interact with something physical in order for it to be quantified and labelled, [e.g. Kinetic energy, temperature, pressure]. Physical interaction occurs in Spacetime and ‘takes time’… Mental interaction is outside Spacetime and

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