At Mindism, we want to enable you to come to Koh Phangan to do as much or as little spiritual practice as you choose, whether you are a student seeking to learn or a practitioner with something to offer.

Most yoga and meditation centres on the island are located on the west side of the island, where our accommodation is situated. We have many contacts on the island to connect you with.

As well as schools and public classes, there are teachers available who will personally come to you to give you private lessons should you wish. There is of course a cost for the comfort and convenience, but whatever your preference is, I do my best to cater to your needs.

If you offer classes in the UK, consider bringing them out here to absorb the warmth of these grounds. You may want to come as a group of friends, with a partner, or by yourself; there is space enough to be as private as you want. Most teachers and trainers on the island tend to stay for varied durations and then leave, sometimes just long enough to renew their visas or make a visit back home. We can assist you should you consider these options closer to your stay.

I also provide Marc Dieux meditation cushions and speciality mat-bags for your convenience, as well as Thai cushions and hammocks for extra relaxation.